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Interesting GRWD & CV tidbits

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These were posted at BON from a member who claims to have talked with a consultant within Ford; regard as speculation until the official announcement is made, but it does sound promising.

Crown Vic's new lease on life?

2010 it's going to get a 3.6L Turbo-Diesel 272hp and 36mpg hwy, 25mpg combined (NA emissions tune). 39mpg hwy 29.5mpg combined (export emissions tune). Should be great for livery service as well as PD's that want to reduce fuel costs.

Not sure why there is no talk of at least a 3V MOD.

Things are looking up.

Had a chance to speak with person who was a high level poduct director at Wixom. She was "retired" but is now been brought back as a consultant. Said I can't mention her name or title at this time.

The meeting came about cause I was ranting my usual rant to a friend about the demise of the LS. He said, "how would you like to talk to someone at Ford", two days later I'm on the phone with her.

She had a lot to say about the LS, T-Bird & GT. I'll detail that at a later time.

This engine is not the Lion out of UK. It shares displecement and maybe injectors & electronics. But it is really the Mexican 4.4L (Lion?)with a smaller bore. Think of the 3.6L as the 351M while the 4.4L is the 400M. The UK Lion could then be consdered the 351W, a distant cousin.

She says her consulting contract is up in 6 months, if it's not renewed, I can then detail the info on the Wixom products and the real reason for their demise.

Said this info could change at any time as Ford likes to engineer to 90% and then drop a project.

Since this is all provided without a Link or any other proof, maybe someone else here could confirm this. Someone like BLUE II hopefully.

And on the subject of Ford's global RWD platform, posted by the resident insider BlueII:

GRWD is a done deal................that is the record. Pay attention, write it on your hand or something.

Apparently the Falcon platform will stay RWD instead of moving to FWD/AWD.

It's all in this 10 page thread: http://www.blueovalforums.com/forums/index...0&start=180

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