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Those are tiny wheels...is the rear ones smaller? And that greenhouse is massive.

Interesting to see someone else working with 3D though...what program is it? do you have a render you can show us? Also, can you do a wireframe screenshot? I'd like to see that too.

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I'm going to take Thumper's advice and not say nothin' at all..

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Your greenhouse looks way taller than that Fit- almost 3/5 of the body height. You're not going to have any room in the doors for the windows to roll down.

I applaud you, though, for being able to make something intelligible in Blender.


Is there a polygon count limit? If not I would suggest adding a few hundred thousand polygons to help it out. Unless this is just the low-polygon model before smoothing...I don't really know how Sketchup works.

You should try to enlarge the wheels and wheel arches as well as raise the greenhouse and lower the roof a bit, and then add some details to better define the greenhouse and pillars.

Just a thought. :)


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Ok. I see what your gettting at. About the polycount: It's for a game, so yeah, it's low-poly.


I'm going to keep everyhing below the beltline the same, but the roof height and possibly the wheel wells will be enlarged.

However, I still think most of it is fine for a tippy econobox.


To illustrate, here's my design with a crude window line drawn in.


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That's the game? That's some damn impressive models for a free game. Hell, that looks better than many early PS2 games. That's also A LOT of polygons in there.

Makes me want to try it out!

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I took your advice, and altered the preportions a bit. The wheels are larger, and the greenhouse is a lot less tall.

Also, I was able to get most of the normals issues at the front and rear facias resolved. However, the sides need some work.




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