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A letter from the boss

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With our paychecks today, we got a letter from one of the owners of our dealership. He and his partner attended a meeting yesterday with FoMoCo officials, and were shown the LM 2010 lineup. Lincoln is to have 5 vehicles, Mercury to have 3. The Mercuries will be "either the best in their segments for fuel mileage, or within 1 mpg." We will have a car smaller than the Milan (Euro Focus variant?), the Milan, and something else, which I am speculating could be a version of the C-max.

Has anyone who haunts Ford forums heard anything more specific?

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Has anyone who haunts Ford forums heard anything more specific?[/b]

Depends, ocnblu

think that letter should have said "at least 3" or "3 so far" or "3 confirmed"...

I expect Merc to still have the Mariner & a Merc-Focus AND a "whitespace" vehicle (hint < might be 2011) in addition to the Milan.

The C-Max will change more than most euro-models on its way across the pond, Imho :wink: and would probably work better as an addition to the lineup rather than a substitution.


it might be good to remember just how easy it can be to turn a Taurus or other D3 into a Mercury if current plans don't work out quite as well as hoped...

plus a Mercury S-Max would be easy to do when the Fusion & Mondeo merge.

Really believe this "small Mercs" thing is just about what's coming out next rather than what they're planning for when the Global Rwd platform is up'n'running.

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I took the letter to be an assurance of LM's future from FoMoCo, to our dealer principals, to us. A Focus-based Mercury will sell well, I predict, based on the number of Tracers and Mistakes still being brought in for service. Maybe it will be Focus-based small car, Milan (has the rumored Fusion/Milan coupe been cancelled?) and Kuga-based Mariner...

I guess Lincoln will consist of MKZ, MKS, MKT, MKX and... Navigator or Town Car? If Navigator wins out, I suspect it will go to a unibody chassis. If Town Car wins out, hopefully it will be built atop a world RWD platform.

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forgot to mention the premium-passenger version of the TransitConnect for Mercury (that I just got beat-up about elsewhere)

I took the letter to be an assurance of LM's future from FoMoCo, to our dealer principals, to us...


imho it's a carefully worded letter

1. only mentioning the guaranteed stuff so they won't be breaking any promises

2. specifying the interim year where the new stuff is only beginning to replace/supplement the existing stuff

I'm just looking at it as what a parent will say (ie commit to) re: Xmas/Bday presents...

...there may be More :)


last I heard/read, the Fusion coupe is waiting for the Mondeo merger - not forgotten, not green-lighted

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I haunt Blue Oval News, had read no '10 Sable (but a new '10 Taurus). So maybe Milan, Mariner, and something new smaller than Milan (or Mountaineer?---by '10 the Explorer/Mountaineer will be 8 years old since the last redesign, I've heard rumors of a CUV-style unibody replacement, but that would be redundant w/ the Edge and Flex, I think). I've read conflicting rumors that the Grand Marquis and TC are done after '09, or that they will be around thru '10.

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Yet many here scream when PCS hints about a similar lineup for Pontiac as Mercury's getting. Pontiac had the GTO and TransAm, Mercury had the Cyclones and Cougar Eliminators.

Pontiac isn't getting small Opels. That's the difference. If Mercury = Euro Ford, and we're happy...then we'd be happier if Pontiac were getting smaller Opels. But that's not happening. Pontiac is getting crappy Daewoo and Chevy rebadges.

And Saturn's interpretation of Opel leaves a lot to be desired.

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