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I guess since Pontiac is the proverbial "pig going to the slaughter" at GM it's only appropriate that their Chevy clones look like filthy, degrading pigs.

Maybe the G3 should be renamed the Pontiac Wilbur or the Pontiac Babe? Or maybe GM can get a product placement for the G3 in Saw VI and make Jigsaw drive one since, after all, he does wear a pig mask while he captures his victims, so why not make him drive red oinker on the way there? (Okay, maybe that last one was a little absurd.)

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The Wave actually comes standard with a Cars-ified mouth...


Good catch, TC. That's kinda...interestingly humorous!

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I think the G3 looks better than the Aveo...if it had larger wheels it would look even better, 16" maybe. They also should have given the vehicle some darker tinted taillights. The G3 reminds me of the Vibe which I like a lot. I just wish they gave the Vibe some decent powertrain options because it seems like the superior vehicle between it and its sister vehicle the Matrix.

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