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Ladies and Gentlemen, THIS is our media


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As of 7:30am, Tuesday November 8th, the third headline down on the Detroit News' Autos Insider page reads:

"Ford Freestyle, Mazda MPV minivans earn poor ratings in side impact tests."



The model they meant, of course, was the Freestar.

Hopefully, this will be corrected soon. I'm sure I'm not alone in having sent them a note about it.

No word on whether this mistake was made in the printed newspaper.

This is a rather vital error. It's in a headline (a detrimental one, at that), and it not only confuses two models, but two models that are poles apart in terms of marketing and in the age of their designs.

This is our media, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I'm not singling out this particular newspaper, either. Does anyone remember the journalist who felt the need to look through his "mother's underwear drawer" to find a headline to describe his Mercury Montego test drive?

Or, the recent Consumer Reports test which whined about the Lotus Elise's pedals being too close together (someone over there has never heel and toed, apparently)?

For an encore, let's predict reliability based on a self-selective, thoroughly flawed system that no statistician would ever sanction. Oh, wait... Edited by CaMIRO
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If the world were as the rags say... Ford Focus has a wheelbase longer than its overall length. The Bonneville GXP is actually the Grand Prix GXP. The Tucker Torpedo was a 1945 model. The Matrix and Corolla are not related. ...hence I don't listen to those rags.
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