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AutoBlog: The new Audi: more performance, less weight

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Audi is developing the groundwork for an entirely new way of building its cars. The future for the four rings is light weight, giving it the proper base to support the best hybrid and electric cars, as well as extract the most from its traditional offerings.

As previously reported, the first example from the test lab is an S5 that is 400 kg -- yes, 880 pounds -- lighter than a traditional S5. Whereas the conventional S5 uses a 354 hp V8, the experimental utilizes a 230 hp four-cylinder, yet laps the 'Ring a humongous eight seconds faster than the V8. The test, of course, is to make such technology cost feasible to consumers and safe to boot.

The reduced calorie S5 is a hybrid steel and aluminum body built over a spaceframe, but Audi didn't say what the spaceframe was composed of. One hopes that they haven't started off with something unobtanium, and that given time, VW group scale could keep the price within a single-digit percent of the current car. If Audi does manage to get the light weight, safety, and affordability equation correct, that could make them... Lotus.

[source: Autocar]

The new Audi: more performance, less weight originally appeared on Autoblog on Mon, 08 Jun 2009 19:27:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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autoblog?i=8WRdAsVXEI4:Cnp--4cbjnw:wF9xT autoblog?i=8WRdAsVXEI4:Cnp--4cbjnw:V_sGL

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Well, this is the appropriate way to go.

Today's cars are far too heavy due to all of the extraneous safety technology they contain.

If Audi manages this, and retains their quattro, then they shall continue their success unabated.

I am eager to see where their engineering leads.

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Interesting. Going from a 3,890 lb S5 with 353hp 325tq 4.2L to a 3,000 lb S5 with 220hp 260~tq turbo 2.0L.

Should be a fairly quick car still, and the handling will be much improved. Straight-line acceleration likely won't be quite as good though.

The latest version of their 2.0L turbo is a lot more refined than the last one used '05-08 on the A4.

Still waiting for carbon fiber to come down in price. :]

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well, no one could ever accuse audi of making a powerful engine, so i could see why they would cry uncle and at least look at putting some of their porkers on a diet.

There is the RS6... twin-turbo 5.0L V10 with 579 hp.

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There is the RS6... twin-turbo 5.0L V10 with 579 hp.

and how many of those do they sell? 500? IF?

most audis that are flaunted in the self conscious neighborhoods are the turbo fours and underpowered v6s.

even in the new a4, the v6 is still a dog compared to like priced vehicles (cough infiniti G cough)

the bulk of audi's sales, compared to the competition, do not have as much power and weigh more (doesnt matter if its because of the quattro)

audi's rep in this country with the exception of a few special models in loooooowwwww production, their rep is not for high powered cars. its for interiors and all wheel drive.

Germany has a deserved rap for porky vehicles. Q7, X6, Touraregg, etc. yet no one calls them on the carpet for it.

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