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Jalopnik: Perk Up Your Corvair With 425 Cubes Of Oldsmobility: Torvair! [Engine Swap]


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Torvair-504px.jpgLong before anyone thought to drop a Cadillac 4.9 V8 in a Fiero, crazed engine swappers were finding ways to shorten their life expectancy with V8-powered Corvairs.

Mostly you see the good ol' small-block-Chevy-powered Corvair, but why do that when the engine/transaxle assembly of the front-wheel-drive Olds Toronado (or, heh heh, its Cadillac Eldorado cousin) is better suited for placement in a rear-engined car? Corvair racer UDMan has found a very nicely done Corvair/Toronado swap and written up a review over on Automotive Traveler.

[Automotive Traveler]


full?d=H0mrP-F8Qgo full?d=yIl2AUoC8zA full?i=OTzcDAlbZ9s:J4Z5OCmHpZA:D7DqB2pKE full?i=OTzcDAlbZ9s:J4Z5OCmHpZA:V_sGLiPBp

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You mean 'over the rear half-shafts'.

Prolly is for stock Corvair componentry.

I've seen a few SBC conversions, but not a BB before this one.

1st thing I thought of was rear-heavy Porsche 911. Except this would have much more torque...

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