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Jalopnik: Wife Smashes Soon-To-Be-Ex-Husband's Challenger SRT8 With Hammer [Car Crime]

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When a wayward husband informed his wife their marriage was over and he had a sweet new Asian girlfriend to match a sweet new Challenger, his wife flipped out, smashing almost every panel on the car with a carpenter's hammer.

Everything has been blurred out to protect the identities of those involved, but our tipster tells us this is what happened:

"attached are pictures taken at my place of work where a customer dropped off their 2009 Challenger SRT 8 that was "attacked" by a gentlemans soon-to-be-ex wife.

I say this because the Husband drove this car to tell his wife that the marriage is over.

And once she became aware of his Asian girlfriend and his new toy, she flipped and started smashing the car up [with a carpenter's hammer].

She broke the windshield, rear window, damaged almost every body panel, and probably worse of all the sunroof which takes quite some labor to replace. i didn't bother to take pics of the side windows and the scratches where the psycho WIfe tried to break them."

It stinks the Challenger got the brunt of the rage, but considering the way the news was delivered, we can't say we blame her. Walk through the dented Challenger gallery to see the pain inflicted upon a defenseless Challenger.














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Stupid woman, she should have shown herself to be better than the guy and just cleaned him out in court. Now she shows her crazy side and this will not look good on her. Course the idiot guy should have been smarter. Leave the wife and then get the car and new girl or at least hide them both as you deliver the news and get away clean before she could do stupid damage.

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Now see, if it were two guys, this never would have happened. This is not a man thing to do.

loki: side glass is VERY difficult to break. It has to be hit just right.

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This reminds me of my brother's ex-wife, all the fighting they did when they broke up. She torched his '75 Firebird Formula in the driveway, he took a sledgehammer and smashed all the walls in their house. She broke all his vinyl LPs, he took a truck and ripped the porch off the house, etc...

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...at least a Challenger is repairable or replaceable. A Carpenter on a job we were working on tried a similar stunt. His psycho ex wife to be did FAR more damamge to a pristine blue on white 68 Baracuda Fastback...with about 20,000 original miles on it.

THAT was painful to see...


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i know of an example who left his wife or caused the split because he started banging asian chicks.

its because (in that instance anyways) they do the sex, do crazy things, no questions asked, and there wasn't the mind games attached to it like you might see in some typical relationships.

In this guys case, maybe the car smashing was worth it. He's got the new girl, has validation now to leave the psycho, and he'll prob get his car fixed.

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