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Ford's government wish list


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Ford's government wish list (4:33)

The Ford chairman says the U.S. government needs to take steps to ensure fuel price stability.



Other clips of that interview are interesting as well...

Planning Ford's gas-free future (3:59)

Chairman Bill Ford sees hybrids as part of a long transition away from gas-powered cars.

How Ford avoided bankruptcy (4:43)

Chairman Bill Ford says the carmaker kept up R&D spending when sales slowed.

Ford: Consumers want green cars (3:24)

The Ford chairman says higher gas prices and better quality hybrids have led to changes in buyer behavior.

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up until the last ~30 seconds, he was either giving the PR/PC responses he needs to give to keep in favor with the "in power" majority, or he's a jack ass.

he didn't give his opinion about what power plants he'd like like to see, just that the options need debate. no backbone needed there.

i'm betting FOG would agree mostly.....

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