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Friends in high places

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Words - Joshua Dowling

Holden boss's promotion will be good for Australia, says FCAI chief

The chief executive of the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries Andrew McKellar has praised the good work of out-going Holden boss Mark Reuss.

Reuss (pictured) is credited with bringing small car manufacturing back to Holden, expediting fuel economy updates to the Commodore, and finding a replacement for the Pontiac export program.

He also oversaw some tough times: the closure of Holden's four-cylinder engine plant, declining sales and market share, and posting a loss in the most recent financial report.

But the FCAI chief has revealed that Reuss was a key player in negotiations with the Federal Government regarding financial assistance packages for the local motor industry.

"Mark Reuss has done an outstanding job and we'll be sad to see him go," McKellar told the Carsales Network. "He's been a tremendous guy to work with and he was instrumental in the industry review process last year. He helped forge an effective relationship with the Government, for which the rest of the industry should now be thankful."

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Don't get too excited. Countries like Madagascar, Laos, Luxembourg, Haiti, Fiji, and other dinky ones with annual sales not more than 100 cars will get Zeta cars first before GM can make a business case for Zetas sale in US.

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I think that's meant as 'volume-wise' replacement. Ford's announcement that the Focus will be built in Thailand and imported into Australia might be a sign that small car production is not economically viable there. If the Cruze ends up not being built at Holden, then alternatives are needed to keep capacity utilization as high as possible.

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