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AutoBlog: 2010 Chevy Silverado XFE updated to achieve best-in-class 22 mpg highway


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A couple of years ago, pickup truck comparisons were all about power and towing capacity. Today, fuel efficiency is the new battleground. For the 2009 model year, the GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado XFE took their fuel economy figures up a notch by hitting 21 mpg on the highway and 15 in the city. Then Ford unveiled the F-150 SFE that matched those numbers, though without requiring the use of a tonneau cover. The Blue Oval dropped the SFE badge for 2010, but kept the improved fuel economy.

General Motors, however, is not content with a tie, and is upping the EPA numbers for its 2010 XFE Silverado and Sierra to 22 mpg on the highway, which just so happens to match the highway figure for the Sierra Hybrid. The combined fuel economy of both GMT900 trucks has also increased from 17 to 18 mpg.

Chevrolet spokesperson Brian Goebel told Pickuptrucks.com that the increased fuel economy is due to several engineering improvements. The XFE model's 5.3-liter V8 now has variable valve timing, optimized shift pattens in its 6-speed transmission, and new tweaks for its Active Fuel Management system that enables the truck to run on four cylinders at cruising speeds for longer.

[source: Pickuptrucks.com]

2010 Chevy Silverado XFE updated to achieve best-in-class 22 mpg highway originally appeared on Autoblog on Fri, 31 Jul 2009 16:58:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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autoblog?i=HWr3bMdx2Vs:p9pmq8SdlN8:wF9xT autoblog?i=HWr3bMdx2Vs:p9pmq8SdlN8:V_sGL

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Hybrids do not seem like they are the way to go. Other than the Prius there has been no huge success in this market. The Silverado Hybrid was a flop around here and our dealership lost money on every Tahoe Hybrid we stocked.

Now we have the up-and-coming Cruze with a direct injected engine mated with turbos that should be posting mind boggling mileage with out have to have two powertrains.

I hope the VOLT electric car fairs better which I think it will.

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My '07 Sierra shortbed, 2WD regular cab was rated for 16/21. I averaged 16.2 mpg. I hope real world mileage catches up to the estimates on the 2010 version.

For '08, they revised MPG to more accurately reflect real world driving. Using the new formula, an '07 Sierra 2WD 5.3 gets 14/20 mpg, and 16 mpg combined.

The 2010 XFE model by comparison gets 15/22 mpg, and 18 mpg combined.

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Interestingly, a LOT of 2010 models have increased fuel economy over the '09s - especially American and European vehicles, even without major redesigns.

'09 Passat 2.0T auto - 19/29 mpg

'10 Passat 2.0T auto - 22/31 mpg (now turbo power without the mpg penalty)

'09 Jetta TDI DSG - 29/40 mpg

'10 Jetta TDI DSG - 30/42 mpg

'09 GTI DSG - 22/29 mpg

'10 GTI DSG - 24/32 mpg (amazing city figure)

'09 Edge 2WD - 17/24 mpg

'10 Edge 2WD - 18/25 mpg

'09 Edge AWD - 15/22 mpg

'10 Edge AWD - 17/23 mpg

'09 V70 - 16/25 mpg

'10 V70 - 18/27 mpg

'09 C30 5A - 19/28 mpg

'10 C30 5A - 21/30 mpg

'09 CTS 6A - 18/26 mpg

'10 CTS 6A - 18/27 mpg

Etc, etc...

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My '93 Sierra K1500 extended cab with the 350 motor would get 23.5 mpg going point-to-point between my home at the time in Langhorne, PA and the sacred fishing grounds north of Williamsport,PA. Just the highway mileage between the two places. From Langhorne to the hotel in Williamsport, about 190 miles. Once there a lot of steep roads did cause the efficiency to drop of course. I used to keep meticulous records. I haven't even taken the Silverado further than 95 miles in one shot, since picking it up in May, going from down here in NJ to my Dad's place in Chadds Ford, PA. My impression is that it could be as efficient as my '93 Sierra but I've become lax in noting certain things lately. By the time trucks become more drastically altered to become 33 or 35 mpg highway-sleek needles I'll likely not be in the market for one. I can say that the truck which I have now has it all over my '93. More of everything that matters. Sturdier (so far) and more capable of running on the sand for some reason.

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On paper, the GMT355s with 5 cylinder get no better mileage than the 900s with V8, and the 5.3L in the small trucks gets worse, AFAIK. This may not translate in reality, but this is a travesty. The smaller pickups need powertrain improvements, asap, like 6-speed manual and automatic transmissions, to start. They already have VVT, I believe. Some of us prefer a smaller pickup, but GM needs to give more ppl an incentive to look at the GMT355. They have comparable mileage ratings with the optional engines, and they are priced too close to the big trucks, especially with all the incentives on the 900s. Edited by ocnblu
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I agree Ocn but that could be why this stuff happens. At the dealer today getting my oil changed an interesting thing happend... Customer who owns a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Classic LT Ext. Cab Long box with a Duramax comes in and ask what is the cheapest 4WD truck he could get. His 1990 GMC 2500 has 400K on it and is thinking of CFC and all and just needs another truck. Nothing fancy or super powerful like Duramax. My dealers only salesman doesn't even bother talking about the Colorado (which they have NONE in stock, and only have a few Silverado's left *low inventory*) and go right into a regular cab 1/2 ton Silverado 1LS with a 4.8L V8 and 4WD. He didn't even bother nor did the customer ask about the small trucks. I almost said what about a Colorado? I just found in interesting.

Edited by gm4life
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For one having no Colorados in stock to show the customer and the fact that the customer already owns 2 2500's it would seem unlikely to sell a Colorado here.

I compared the Colorado and the Silverado when I bought my Silverado and preferred the room and the bigger engine helped also. When I bought I got the 2007 Silverado Classic Crew Cab with the 4.8 L. I almost always get better than 20 mpg. I have exceeded 22 mpg but modifying my route to mostly highway but that adds 5 miles per day to my normal route. So in a way it is artificial mileage since I travel more miles and don't really save at the end of the week. I keep it close to the speed limit.

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