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HSV confirms September launch for new E-Series ‘2’ range

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HSV confirms September launch for new E-Series ‘2’ range

There's little chance they'll ever make the long journey from Australia to the U.S., but the muscle-car divisions of Detroit-heavyweights General Motors and Ford Down Under continue to churn out new, high-performance vehicles that we can only envy. The latest update from GM Holden's performance division, Holden Special Vehicles (HSV), is that the company will be launching a range of updates on its current E-Series lineup of high-performance sedans and utility vehicles.

The news was announced by Holden itself, and like other manufacturers it will be using a countdown to the final revealing of the details to help build anticipation and hype for the newly updated products. Known as the E-Series '2' range of vehicles, the final details will be revealed on September 9 this year (that's 09/09/09 for those not paying attention) but the company has given away some clues as to what the updates will involve.

Speaking at a press conference for the announcement of an update to the basic Holden Commodore sedan, HSV managing director Phil Harding hinted that the updates to the E-Series 2 cars will deliver improved economy, more power and some distinctive design themes. The updates will cover the entire HSV range include the Clubsport R8, GTS, Maloo ute, W427 super-sedan and the more luxury-focused Grange and Senator models.

more at link;


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Meanwhile, at GMNA, 4000lb Zetas and Sigmas are being replaced by 4000lb Epsilon IIs and Thetas that get the same or worse mileage because RWD=bad MPG=evil.

Go Holden.

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