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AutoBlog: Caption Contest: Rolls-Royce Phantom at Walmart


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We don't normally have caption contests around here, but when we saw this photo of a $350,000-ish Rolls-Royce Phantom parked in from of a Walmart, well, we just had to do something. Like, say, run a caption contest. You would think that anyone able to afford something as (frankly) laughably priced as a Phantom would send the domestic servants out to schlep home pallets of toilet paper in the R63 AMG. But hey, times are tough so maybe they laid off the domestic servants. Or sold the R63 AMG. Anyhow, talk about culture clash.

And now, as we do, we'll start you off with a few not-so-funny, deprived under duress captions of our own, knowing full well that y'all can do much better.

Maybe if I park three spaces away from everyone else, I won't get any poor on me.

It's actually a
Geely GE
and on sale inside for $99.99.

Sam Walton's heirs pay a visit to the family business.

The filthy rich have a constitutional right to cheap Chinese crap, too.

Do you have any five pound tubs of Grey Poupon?

And there you have it - ha ha ha! Think you can do funnier? Show us below in the comments. The winner will receive 15 laps around a Walmart parking lot in a Rolls-Royce Phantom. Or not. Thanks to Matthew for the tip!

[source: Blood Hound Blog]

Caption Contest: Rolls-Royce Phantom at Walmart originally appeared on Autoblog on Wed, 19 Aug 2009 15:20:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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The chauffeur (sp?) is taking care of his shopping after dropping off the owner at work.

(this pic reminds me of the night last fall when I was in the Jack in the Box drive thru w/ an SL 63 AMG in front of me and not one, but two G55 AMGs in line...)

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Not too uncommon. I parked behind an Aston Martin convertible at Wal-Mart today from DC, and it's quite the norm around here in the summer. Same with a gold Bentley GTC from Florida that the owner lets get pretty dirty and can be seen at any one of a number of stores and food places daily. Takes me back to my Villanova days and seeing newer Ferarri's and such out in winter storms, hearing the salt & muck flicking off at higher than normal velocity, through the ice and slush.

Sometimes, regardless of status, you just need a quick place to grab general items, cheaply, without having an assistant do it :AH-HA_wink:

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From my many trips to Wal-mart over the years, I can't even fill half the card. I'm thinking it has less to do with the store, and more to do with the region the store is in.

I dunno; I think the only one you'll be hard-pressed to encounter is a person giving kittens away.

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I went in a Wal-Mart a while back that had to be one of the nicest, fanciest Wal-Marts I've ever seen. Was new, clean, shiny inside, looked like a Target, didn't have the usual Wal-Mart colors--everything was a light green and white. In a very nice upscale neighborhood of Phoenix bordering Paradise Valley (upscale suburb next to Scottsdale, median home price of 1.4million).

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