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Wide difference in headlines about Buick crossover


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We've seen countless examples of how different media outlets "slant" news stories about GM. Their wording of one of the latest headlines, dealing with Buick cancelling what most people considered a "rebadge" of a Saturn Vue crossover, ranged from, in my opinion, simply factual to misleading to insulting. The careless way some of the headlines were written may confuse the public; little, subtle differences in one headline compared to another give very differing impressions.

Here are some sample headlines:

"GM Kills Planned Buick Crossover"

-Wall St. Journal

"GM cancels "Hideous' Buick SUV After Would-Be Customers Twitter"


"GM Kills Rebadged Buick Compact Crossover, Including Plug-In..."

-Edmunds.com/Inside Line

"GM cancels ugly new Buick SUV. What a concept!"

-Daily Finance

"General Motors kills planned Buick plug-in hybrid"

-USA Today

"GM Cuts Juice On 'Hideous' Buick Crossover"


"GM cancels Buick hybrid plans"


"US: GM cancels 2011 Buick PHEV"

-Automotive World

"Buick kills crossover that drew jeers"

-Detroit Free Press

"Reaction was 'universally negative' to Buick's 'Vue'"


"GM cancels Buick compact crossover"


"GM Kills New Buick Before It Is Born"

-24/7 Wall St.

"Struck by criticism, GM kills Buick SUV"

-Globe and Mail

"GM listens, quickly kills new Buick"

-Detroit News

"GM drops new Buick SUV due to lack of interest"


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