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At GM, Dreams of an Electric Cadillac


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The Cadillac driver is hardly the target audience that springs to mind for electric cars. Battery-powered green efficiency seems an odd fit with Cadillac's brand image of power, prestige, and pampering. But Bob Lutz has long dreamed of an electric Caddy, so it may yet come to pass.

General Motors had been working on a gasoline-electric luxury car, the Cadillac Converj, with an eye toward producing a vehicle based on the drive system that will power the Chevrolet Volt. It showed a concept version of the Converj in January at the Detroit auto show. The car was shelved when some members of management and the U.S. Treasury Dept.'s auto task force questioned the economics of such an expensive model. But now some of the Converj's opponents have been pushed out in the wake of GM's bankruptcy reorganization, and Lutz—GM's powerful vice-chairman, who is in charge of design, marketing, and communications—and other executives are trying to find a way to get the car engineered and funded.

The Volt, which is supposed to go on sale late next year, is expected to lose money even after GM ramps up to its projected annual production rate of 10,000 cars. It may not break even until it reaches its third generation later next decade. GM had originally discussed making a car like the Volt for Cadillac and Buick, not to mention a small crossover sport-utility vehicle for Chevrolet, but some of the ideas were killed when budgets got tight.

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If the Volt is really going to be close to $40,000, why not build the Converj instead? Then when the battery technology price comes down, then the Volt could be made, with a realistic price for a Chevy.

That might've made sense before GM spent all they have on the Volt's marketing, but to not build the Volt now would just bring GM under major fire for delaying/cancelling the Volt, and be a major waste of marketing money.

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they'd need to be careful how they price. converj could be very silly overpriced without a market. or the volt tech could be that breakthrough, and the converj design and drive/performance that great. but i still think pricing it at $50k, even with a $7k rebate.....well i guess at $40k it's not so bad. bottom line is this a limited market unless this car can perform like a Porsche and still give great economical numbers, like the volt, and better. that and a [price the same as volt] market rebound, would get people talking.

the design of converj i love. i wish it was the basis for a superb alpha coupe. we'll have to wait and see that one, could be good too. who will buy all these coupes? hopefully enough people.

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