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GM exercises self-love, plans to re-name Canada's Buick Allure LaCrosse after all


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When General Motors named the Chevrolet Nova, the majority of customers in America had no issues whatsoever with the spacey moniker. Spanish speaking countries were a different matter entirely, as the literal Spanish translation of "no va" is "no go." As the story goes, Chevy's Nova was less than successful south of Texas, although some analysts (armchair and otherwise) dismiss this historical naming issue as nonsense. Whether the Nova was an issue for GM or not, the automaker wasn't looking to tempt fate when the Buick LaCrosse began production in 2005. The French translation of "LaCrosse" is something along the lines of "self love" – not a flattering name for a family sedan. This being the case, the LaCrosse was renamed Allure in Canada and Buick buyers north of the border were free of ridicule and humiliation.

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It should have been named the Invicta, like it's concept counterpart, for both the U.S. and Canada. But, as we all know, it's impossible for GM to use common sense or anything remotely similar common sense.

I'm not surprised GM got past the whole "LaCrosse means 'whack it,' 'beat your meat,' 'fap,' 'tease the cobra,' 'choke the purple-headed meat snake,' 'beat-off,' 'beat it,' 'f@#k yourself,' 'self-automated hand-job,' 'stroke the viper,' 'hump Palm-ala Hand-erson,' 'fight the one-horned, one-eyed, flying purple vagina eater,' 'wrestle the trouser snake,' and, of course, 'masturbate' in French slang" issue. I could completely see Fritz Henderson driving a white pedovan around a city park, trying to sell ice cream to little kids, and downloading CP from a wi-fi hotspot while he waits for his next child victim (it's that damn mustache; pedos have ones just like his ... oh and the same goes for his smile).

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I think this is a way to try and get younger buyers to buy the Buick jackoff.

Maybe. In any case, we should give Buick credit for being the 1st brand to explicitly recognize that buying a car is a self-pleasing experience. :smilewide:

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I don't understand how "Lacrosse" is better than an alphamuneric.

I really don't want to see Buick jump on the alphanumeric model designation bandwagon. The brand has a lot of great model names from its past that it could have attached to this great looking sedan. "LaCrosse" just doesn't happen to be one of those model names; it needs to be banished, but not in favor of implementing another ridiculous and meaningless alphanumeric naming scheme.

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i am totally fine with LaCrosse. Regal is prob still ok too. I don't think anyone knows wtf invicta is. And LeSabre sounds old, like aunt Mabel.

I liked Lucerne, it just didn't gain foothold in the market. I think Park Avenue has tons of appeal yet.

I would even recycle the Century name.

I would even consider using Riviera on a four door model now.

alphanumeric would be outright stupid for Buick.

I actually would use Insignia on the Insignia and Astra on the Astra. Maybe the LaCrosse should have been Regal?

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