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GM Must Fashion Another Cadillac Renaissance

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Function-by-wire automotive systems are still in their infancy and have a long way to go before they are reliable and competitive with traditional systems. Have you ever driven a car with electronic steering then driven a similar car with traditional hydraulic power steering? There's no contest. I have driven maybe one car that was sort of getting there, but traditional hydraulic systems always give the best feedback and always have that good, tight, "weighted" feel.

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A legit competitor won't happen. GM may build something they think is a competitor, but it won't be. Just because a car is big, with lots of chrome, doesn't mean it competes with the S-class.

First is a rear drive premium chassis (shared with no other model), GM doesn't have one.

Second the engine, there isn't a 400+ hp DOHC V8 at GM or anything for an optional engine, like a V12 or twin turbo version of the V8 they don't have.

Third is the transmission, they need 7 or 8 gears, and don't have that.

Drive by wire they have, maybe brake by wire, but I am not aware of GM having steering by wire, so they need that and a fancy computer to make all that stuff work.

The magnetic ride control shocks would be needed standard, but then could that car vary ride heights or do auto load leveling with it? They would have to incorporate that into the suspension.

Then there are little things like self closing trunk and doors, heavy duty brakes they can pull off the CTS-V, same with the electronic driving aides.

That could be a billion dollars to develop just the mechanics of the thing.

Plus they have to do an interior and exterior design all from scratch. Develop new technology and luxury features beyond what the Escalade or STS-V are equipped with, so that is a few more hundred million. Then all the testing and developmental costs, then marketing costs. This would be a $1.5 billion effort, perhaps more. Which is a big gamble to see whether or not people will buy a Cadillac with a $90,000 base price.

I read in Road and track that gm is building a new V8 for the corvette racer and it will be eventually used throughout gm there 400+ Zr1 motor could be the option

i also heard of some luxury brand offering a system where it brakes the inside wheel to keep u in ur lane i think its on the x6 or lexus but thats all i would want an electric steering could fail whereas hydrallic steering your still connnected to the wheel incase of a leak or damadge

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Cadillac needs a sense of cachet and exclusivity to be a world-class luxury brand, in many instances this warrants exclusive tech and systems for that purpose even if it costs more to produce. It's not different than how a precision mechanical watch is to a mass-market quartz watch.

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Oh I think one could be fast tracked through the process, in fact I know it can be ... Besides have you looked at an S-Class interior lately? It's not all that, boring in fact in a real Teutonic sense ...



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Another thing about these control systems being operated by electronics. In aircraft there are sometimes 4 redundancies or more to prevent failure. I don't know if cars have the same protections.

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