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Aveo Redux project

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A few years back there was a C&G Sketch Competition to design a new Chevy Aveo. My submission out and out sucked. It was a horrid design and it was horribly draw. The only reason it didn't come in last was because another artist forgot to vote and ended up with negative points.

This year I took a class called Conceptual Ideation, which I'm still not sure the purpose of, but it's still interesting. Our first project was to do a "redux" of any project we believed we failed at. My Aveo sketch came to mind, so for four mind-numing weeks I worked a design proposal that was at least better than my original, if not actually good.

I'm not going to change anything at this point, but I'd still like to know what you think of it.

*It has been explained to me that the roof of the sedan is a bit disproportionately tall.

*I know the my photoshop skills suck.






Background photos appropriated from Citröen. Sketches and designs © me.

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the front is kinda cool.... might be too much lift though..? reminds me of the HHR....

the blue one, shows much more vette heritage.. looks good, but do vette owners want it?

any ideas other than what you have shown? 1.6L, 1.8L DI, 1.4L turbo all with the option of a manual...

those tires got some meat on them. lol

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You sure have Chevy clues in there not retro anything though. I like the wagonettes best they look better proportioned the sedans roof is too high & arced, I see a lot of 2nd gen 'vair & 1st gen Camaro some 'vette & Fintch 'vair sail panels. The coupe looks like a Monza town car that they pronounced Coupe' to sound French. Then the rear 1/4 windows look like 1967 & that's a good thing. All from good stock, de-arch the roof some to take the cartoon out of it & its a winner. It needs a 6 or 7 spd with a manual available 3&4 cyl diesel & 4 cyl N/A & turbo. Ditch the Aveo moniker and replace with Monza :chevy::yes:

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Some aspects of this come-off quite well, actually.

The first sketch is very well realized, and shows how "hips" on the rear quarters can help a car like this.

It does, look like a larger car than the Aveo however. And the proportions say RWD: makes me think of cars like the Monza, Vega, and European Capri from the 70's.

All of which beats the hell out of what an Aveo makes me think of.

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