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AutoBlog: REPORT: Judge orders Toyota not to not destroy car crash information

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iihs-toyota-tundra-sled.jpgAccording to Bloomberg, Toyota has been ordered by Texas Judge T. John Ward no to destroy any of its crash data, and research projects related to product liability or crashworthiness. The temporary restraining order, which is in effect until after a October 7 hearing (at which it will be determine if the order should be extended), stems from allegations from former Toyota lawyer Dimitrios Biller that the Japanese automaker withheld evidence in over 300 rollover lawsuits. Ward wrote of his decision "The court finds an immediate threat of irreparable harm in that, under the allegations, a threat exists that evidence material to this case would be destroyed or altered."

As is typical of most companies being sued for what could amount to hundreds of millions of dollars, Toyota isn't commenting for the most part. Toyota spokesman Mike Michels only says that the company feels it acted appropriately in the lawsuits. While Biller's suit is big in its own right, there is a lot at stake if the former Toyota attorney wins the suit. Lawyers are already looking to reopen cases which were previously settled or rejected for lack of evidence. Dallas area lawyer Todd Tracey has asked Ward to reopen several cases which were either settled or rejected, and there are likely other lawyers and injury victims lining up to do the same.

[source: Bloomberg]

REPORT: Judge orders Toyota not to not destroy car crash information originally appeared on Autoblog on Thu, 01 Oct 2009 15:31:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Which is why whenm it comes to Asian car companies I actually trust Honda a lot more than I do Toyota.

Honda is really imperfect and a lot of their lineup (okay, most of their lineup) has been hit with the ugly stick. But I trust their engeneering for the most part.

Toyota vehicles seem to feel cheap and under engeneered to me, even cars like the Avalon.


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