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Jalopnik: Ten Best Vehicles For Urban Warfare [Carpocalypse]


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500x_Urban_Warfare_Top.jpgSociety is crumbling and most of us live in cities, which means we're going to be fighting in urban jungles for scarce resources. With the help of our readers we've identified these ten best vehicles for urban warfare.

Put your helmets on, fill those tanks with homemade napalm and click "next" because the cities are exploding and you need to know how to survive the upheaval.

500x_Urban_War_EM50.jpgVehicle: EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle
Suggested By: Racin_G37
Pros: Comfort, full armor, integrated communications and weapons center, drapes
Cons: Maneuverability, fictional
Best Suited For: Sneaking a large force into an urban area in the Sun Belt where people expect to see RVs. Come on guys, we're taking over Phoenix tonight!

500x_Urban_War_Bike.jpgVehicle: Matte Black Bicycle
Suggested By: Alfisted
Pros: Quick, easy to carry, stealth
Cons: Lack of armor, storage, speed
Best Suited For: Densely packed urban slums like Rio (ready for an Olympic rumble).

500x_Urban_War_M35.jpgVehicle: Deuce And A Half/M35
Suggested By: Ryan K. Light
Pros: Will run on nearly every burning fluid, powerful, gigantic
Cons: Too big for small alleys, slow, hard to defend without a roof
Best Suited For: A metropolis with a lot of freeways and high-proof liquor to run the engine on, like Los Angeles or Moscow.

500x_Urban_War_Killdozer.jpgVehicle: Killdozer
Suggested By: Evil-Jeremy
Pros: Nearly unstoppable, great name, armored, can crush opponents
Cons: Poor fuel economy, space, no exit
Best Suited For: Crazed suicide mission urban warfare when you expect to go up against a lot of pedestrians (Copenhagen)

500x_Urban_War_V8Intercept.jpgVehicle: V8 Interceptor
Suggested By: Snapoversteer
Pros: Proven, fierce looking, fast, Mel Gibson-approved
Cons: Sucks down fuel, poor visibility
Best Suited For: Lawless, abandoned urban towns like Detroit.

500x_Urban_War_EarthRoamer.jpgVehicle: EarthRoamer XV-LT
Suggested By: EBone
Pros: Tough, decent mileage, ISO9001 compliant protection against chemical, biological and nuclear contamination
Cons: Big, harder to fix, you're not going to need those satellite dishes when the satellites crash into the cities
Best Suited For: When society breaks down and the armies of the world release all their weapons and it's a mutant/zombie urban throw-down you'll be able to live comfortably in Omaha.

500x_Urban_War_Tumblerr.jpgVehicle: Tumbler
Suggested By: Robbloeb
Pros: Batman-approved, designed for dense urban areas, armed and armored
Cons: Experimental, hard to repair, complex
Best Suited For: quick jaunts of intense urban warfare when you have a subway/dungeon/cave to retreat to when done causing mischief, like Chicago or NYC.

500x_Urban_War_ToyotaPickup.jpgVehicle: Toyota 4x4
Suggested By: Schm
Pros: Tough, cheap to maintain, can carry your warlord buddies
Cons: Little armor, easy to tipover
Best Suited For: Crowded, dilapidated cities with crappy roads like Mogadishu.

500x_Urban_War_323GTX.jpgVehicle: Mazda 323 GTX
Suggested By: 2trips
Pros: Good all weather traction, super tuneable, easy to repair
Cons: Lack of space, small, not at all bulletproof
Best Suited For: European cities like Barcelona with narrow streets, fruit carts and streets wet with blood.

500x_Urban_War_Typhoon.jpgVehicle: Hamann Typhoon
Suggested By: Arcsine
Pros: G-Wagen toughness, V12 power (0-62 MPH in 5.1 seconds), stainless steel bits, looks ready for battle
Cons: Flashy, uses tons of gas, weakness in the wheels
Best Suited For: any city with open roads and a lot of fuel around like Riyadh or Houston.


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