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Cadillac Print Ad

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I like how you echoed the historical models in the background.

Don't care for the top two chops, especially the EcoJet ;/

Script fonts belong on wedding invitations, not modern luxury car ads.

Who are you telling to "bring it on?" Seems a bit juvenile. You're trying to get potential buyers interested, not intimidate them. And if you're trying to intimidate the competition, well you shouldn't really need a print ad for that.

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Being in the graphic design business, I have to be brutally honest: this isn't good at all.

There's too many images and gradients blending into each other, most of the images are pixelated, the text is running into multiple colors and gradients. That is a huge no no. On top of that you chose a script font, so it all combines to make something very difficult to read at a glance. It actually looks like one of those cheesy birthday cards with a bunch of pictures placed all around the text. There's no header to present a clear message and invite/interest the viewer to read on.

Nice thought, not nice execution.

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