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AutoBlog: CA "cool car" regs to kill Jeep Wrangler, interfere with phones, garage openers, ankle bracelets?


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2009 Jeep Wrangler - Click above for high-res image gallery

New "Cool Cars" regulations adopted by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) could put an end to the Jeep Wrangler soft-top sales in the Golden State thanks to standards so stringent that the popular 4x4 won't be able to meet them. According to The Detroit News, CARB's latest controversial initiative requires automakers to build cars and trucks with windows which prevent 45% of the sun's energy from entering a vehicle by 2014, and 60% by 2016. To meet these provisions, vehicle manufacturers will have to utilize advanced window glazing containing microscopic specs of reflective metal oxide.

Coating vehicle glass with a metallic layer wreaks havoc on any vehicle electronic device relying on a clear "view" of the world outside. Garmin, a leading manufacturer of GPS devices, says satellite reception through coated glass will be degraded. In addition, cell phones, wireless laptop devices, garage door openers, and even ankle bracelets for parolees "may be adversely affected by the metallic reflective standard" as they all rely on signals passing cleanly through automotive glass.

For what it's worth, Honda tried utilizing the same technology in Japan two decades ago, yet dropped it due to problems with radio wave devices. We are assured that the Jeep soft-top won't have those problems simply because the technology cannot be applied to flexible plastic windows. Without an exemption for that model, Chrysler will only be allowed to sell hardtop Wrangler vehicles in California.

[source: The Detroit News]

CA "cool car" regs to kill Jeep Wrangler, interfere with phones, garage openers, ankle bracelets? originally appeared on Autoblog on Mon, 12 Oct 2009 11:31:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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If the object is to stop the sun's rays from entering the car wouldn't this also outlaw all convertibles in CA?

and would this possibly ruin night driving......

but the glass just has to have it... so roll down those windows and let the sunshine in!!!! hahah

...talk about laws having unintended consequences... idiot CA. LOL

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So...is everyone here posting under the influence or something? Don't you find it, I dunno, just a bit HARD TO BELIEVE that this will for sure be implemented as is without any way of addressing the, say, fundamental flaws presented here? Ankle monitoring, GPS, cell phone (to a lesser extent, obviously) are all pretty major roadblocks. I'm just guessing that the ankle monitoring alone prevents this sensationalist article from being 100% upfront and accurate about what "will" happen.

C'mon guys, use some common sense.


Especially since:

Does Autoblog not know that glass windows are standard on all Wranglers, soft or hardtop? I do, because I learned everything about these cars when I was touring with them for Chrysler.
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Auto companies are a creative bunch. California is a huge market, so they'll find one creative way or another to work around this sort of thing.

Yeah I hate this crap.......in fact, SoCal is the #1 largest auto market in the country......and I can't believe what all we get from our idiot legislators up in Sacramento (ironically a vast portion of this state HATES them....I don't know who friggin' even elects them.....)

What a bad name they give us.....with all this crap they try to pass.....which no one here really wants.....

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