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Cadillac quietly un-refreshes logo


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Cadillac quietly un-refreshes their logo


Cadillac updated their logo in 1999 to coincide with the new Art & Science look. One of the fatalities with that refresh were the ducks which had been part of the logo since at least 1902.

The new logo adds texture and depth, but sadly, the ducks are still missing. Even with the missing fowl, we like the new richer look. The previous Art & Science logo, while attractive, was starting to look a bit flat.

There hasn't been any official word from Cadillac about the new logo, it simply showed up on a GM website.

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I prefer the merlettes be there, but it's a non-point for me.

What I'd really like to see are the crown points again- still looks naked without them to me.

>>"the ducks which had been part of the logo since at least 1902"<<

Actually correct :gasp!: . Cadillac coat of arms was registered 08-07-1906, but the coat of arms was indeed used on the '02s. However, it's quite impossible for the emblem to have been used before '02, natch.

BTW: I think the minor restyle is an improvement on the classic original- including the original darker red. Nice.

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Fixing something that isn't broken is something I hate. The original wreath and crest (with the ducks) was the way God intended it to be. The latest is better, but still isn't original, which = not as good as it could be.

Standard of the World, baby!!!

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I am sure someone has postd the history and the meaning behind the Cadiallac symbol before, but could someone send me a link or post a few comments. My friend in real life JamesBond told me the Ducks were only allowed to be put on your family crest if the POPE gave them to you for performing good deeds in the Crusades?

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