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2012 Cadillac STS Coupe

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Well, first, an STS coupe is called an ETC.

Second, I like the headlights, but the rest of it looks too "Challenger" to me.

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the first monte carlo wants its side window profiles back.

I'll pass.

not sleek.

and yeah, there is too much chrysler in there too.

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Well, first, an STS coupe is called an ETC.

I've got nothing against the Eldorado, but if the car is essentially a two-door STS, I would suggest that it be called the STC.

The "CTS Coupe" name drives me nuts. CTS was originally cited to mean "C-Series Touring Sedan" (and since its predecessor was the Catera, I still say it really means Catera Touring Sedan -- but I can understand if they don't want to associate with that name anymore). So, CTS Coupe is "C-Series Touring Sedan Coupe". You can't even justify it by saying it's not a traditional coupe (no quarter window), because the car title has Coupe and Sedan in the name.

But moving on to Mr. Detroit Metal's design.

- The nose seems too narrow, kinda like the last Riviera's tail, but not as sexy. The grille needs to be bigger. This is Cadillac we're talking about. The only reason the XLR got away with the narrow banded grille was because it was a low-slung roadster. Even if this car is similarly sized to the CTS, it needs to at least present the illusion of being bigger.

- The green house may need to go extend back farther, but I can't tell from this perspective.

Also, this marks my two thousandth post. Bout damn time. :pbjtime:

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