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Not a bad chop, but the way you laid out your ad is not all too great. Mr. Marshall should be positioned either leaning on the front quarter panel of the car (back there it looks like he's doing something strange) and you can do without the picture of him playin' da fooseball. Personally, I would have picked a different sports-playing celebrity that is still active in the sport they played and not someone who owns a HSN competitor, but I suppose it's all personal preference.

The caption at the top should read something more along the lines of "Legends Never Die" and should be one line going across the ad. No qualms about the font you used; it's nice.

The bottom of the ad shouldn't read too much different from what you have already, it just needs to be cleaned up a bit. Don't just say Marshall is the CEO of World Sports Shop Network TV, talk about the team he played for and perhaps how many wins he had. Try to avoid using ampersands in your descriptions. Also make connections between the dude in your ad and the car you are showcasing. Talk about how the rich history of the Impala SS nameplate and maybe how many wins the Impala had in the past in NASCAR. There's also some grammar issues as well ("This is BIG" should be another sentence). Additionally, don't advertise for WSSN, keep the ad focused on the car and GM.

Also, read this as to what dimensions and basic guidelines you should use in Photoshop to make your ads: http://docs.google.com/gview?a=v&q=cac...cLu2IplsI6tbJXw

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I dare you to make an ad without any exclamation points.

And also to post without exclamation points.

^ NOT in the Possible Dude !!!!

WN _ THX, I appreciate the "heads up"...this IS something I am working at, so Thank You.

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I haven't been much of a fan of the new Caprice, but for some reason seeing your version has changed my mind a little on it that know I can see some value in it. I've always thought that wheels and, in some cases a lowered suspension, can make a car look better. I'm not a fan of your choice of rims, but they fill the wheel wells better than the Caprice PPV's does (I know why that car needs the extra clearance/well gap, but I'm not a fan of that look on civilian cars). Not bad and I'm starting to like the idea of a production/civilian Caprice being available.

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