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AutoBlog: Chrysler's 5-Year Business Plan: The Product Breakdown

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Chrysler LLC has concluded its 7-hour-long marathon presentation of the business plan (read our Live Blog of the event here) that will see it through the next five years, and what we're left with is a little confusing. It's almost as if the automaker's new executives, amidst apologizing for the company's past and promising to do better in the future, were hoping we'd all fall asleep or get lost in the details. Well, we didn't fall asleep or get lost, and below you'll find a breakdown of what we learned while spending the day hip deep in Chrysler's future product. You can also check out the slides from Chrysler's presentation relating to product in the gallery below.

Models On Their Way Out
  • Jeep Patriot (end of 2012)
  • Jeep Compass (end of 2012)
  • Jeep Commander (end of 2010, may continue being sold internationally)
  • Chrysler PT Cruiser (end of 2010)
  • Dodge Dakota (mid 2011)
  • Dodge Caliber (mid 2012)
  • Dodge Viper (mid 2011, may return in 2012)

New Models That Are Coming
  • Jeep compact SUV (2013, supplied by Fiat, may be Panda)
  • Jeep small CUV (2013, supplied by Fiat, replaces Patriot and Compass)
  • Jeep Liberty (2013, replaced by Fiat product but retains name)
  • Chrysler small car (2013, supplied by Fiat)
  • Chrysler compact sedan (2012, supplied by Fiat, replaces PT Cruiser)
  • Chrysler Sebring (2013, replaced by Fiat product but retains name)
  • Chrysler midsize CUV (2013, supplied by Fiat)
  • Ram midsize unibody pickup (under consideration for 2011)
  • Ram large and small commercial van (2012, supplied by Fiat)
  • Dodge small car (2013, supplied by Fiat)
  • Dodge compact sedan (2012, supplied by Fiat)
  • Dodge Avenger (major update 2010, replaced by Fiat product 2013)
  • Dodge full-size CUV (2010)
  • Fiat 500 (late 2010, convertible 2011, Abarth 2012)

Models Staying, Receiving Attention
  • Jeep Wrangler Diesel (2010/2011, not confirmed for U.S. market... yet)
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee (all-new 2010)
  • Chrysler 300C (all-new 2010)
  • Chrysler Town & Country (major update 2010, next-gen 2014)
  • Ram 1500/2500/3500 (major update 2012)
  • Dodge Journey (major update 2010)
  • Dodge Nitro (major update 2011 under consideration)
  • Dodge Challenger (refresh 2011)
  • Dodge Charger (all-new 2010)
  • Dodge Grand Caravan (major update 2010, next-gen 2014)
UPDATE: You can dive whole hog into the plan yourself at Chrysler's website.

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Chrysler's 5-Year Business Plan: The Product Breakdown originally appeared on Autoblog on Wed, 04 Nov 2009 23:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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  • Chrysler Sebring (2013, replaced by Fiat product but retains name)

Interesting, so the 200C is dead, in both name and platform? That sucks.

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That does suck. If Chrysler wanted to move upmarket that would have been a product to help do that.

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That sucks...

That makes me wonder if the small Jeeps are going to have big rebates....

Not many people are going to buy a car that has only been around a couple of years...

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Maybe Fiat is realizing that before they can upmarket the Chrysler name, they need to help the general viability.

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The Liberty should stay and receive new bodywork, engines, a new interior, and perhaps a return to the Cherokee name. Replace the Nitro with a Fiat product instead.

That and not building the 200C are the only parts of Fiat's plan that I really, really disagree with.

Edited by whiteknight

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I don't see success here.

Why? Why would people in the USA choose a Fiat over an Asian car or a German car? Why would you choose a Chrysler product over a GM or Ford then either?

I agree the 200c not in the plan hurts too.

I'll say it again, they should have let Chrysler go under, shifted the bailout money they gave Chrysler to GM, and allowed them to continue on with Pontiac.

As good as the 'Ram' trucks are, Ford and GM could absorb that market share easily enough. Ram just is more competition that weakens GM and Ford globally.

Jeep should have been under care until they figured out who should own it next.

Pontiac would be a lot more worthwhile to survive than Dodge + Chrysler if all Dodge and CHrysler are gonna be is Fiats and something that competes with Zeta.

Perhaps its too bad the GM and Chrysler merger (with future Chrysler purge) never happened.

Edited by regfootball

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The plan is too general and imprecise to know if it will work or not. All we know is that a bunch of Fiat products will be sold under the Chryco name.

Will remain to be seen how this plays out. Not much different than what I expected.


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This plan flat out sucks IMHO. Aside from keeping the 300, Charger and Challenger and the core Jeep models...Chrysler will be Fiat cars and trucks. Hey I'm Italian and I still hate this idea....Chrysler deserves a better fate than this, I hope Mercedes rots in hell, I mean I can only imagine the state Chrysler would be in today had the "merger" never happened. In the 90's Chrysler was making big waves and if that momentum had been allowed to continue, this BS that is the reality of Chrysler today might be enough to have you in a straight jacket 10 years ago. Chrysler's are really Fiats? quick get the restraints....sadly its not some nut job saying it...it's Chrysler themselves.

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Is the Chrysler brand moving upmarket or not? It's hard to tell from the product plans and presentation.

No mention of the 200C; how disappointing. I still think there is room in Chrysler's lineup for a RWD midsize sedan even if they continue with a FWD based model also.

I see that the Sebring is in line for a major makeover late next year (although it's not mentioned in the initial post on this thread; it does appear in the product plans for the Chrysler brand in the original presentation). As far as the exterior, I would expect the greenhouse and roofline to basically remain the same while the front and rear of the car would receive a major restyling.

As far as the greenhouse, I would make the following alterations to give the sedan a more formal and upscale looking appearance:

1) Remove the tacky and cheap looking black plastic C-pillar fakeout.

2) Cover the door frames that surround the windows in a chrome finish. A thin chrome strip would continue to run below the windows, but stay within the door cut lines. The B-pillar frames would remain black.

3) Place the updated Chrysler badge on the uncluttered C-pillar.

4) Cover the door handles, side molding, and side view mirror caps in a chrome finish. I know this is done on the upper trim levels, but I would do it as standard equipment.

5) I would also find a more upscale looking solution to the cheap looking roof mounted antenna.

As far as the front end, I would make these modifications:

1) Give the front end a more angular restyling. The headlights, foglights, and grille would all take on more angular shapes.

2) Move the headlights and grille down to become more integrated with the front fascia. Eliminate the odd manner in which the front fascia jutts out below the grille and headlights. Although the front end will have an angular design theme, it will still look smoother and more integrated than the current front end treatment.

3) Lose the hood strakes (which they already have done for the 2010 model year).

As far as the rear end, I would make these modifications:

1) Extend the length of the rear to better balance the tall roof and greenhouse. The current rear end is too stubby in proportion to the height and shape of the greenhouse and roof. I know extending the rear will increase the rear overhang, but I think it is necessary to balance the car's tall proportions.

2) Give the rear an angular restyling. The current styling of the car's rear looks like it belongs on another car. An angular treatment with more vertical taillight forms would fit in better with the overall shape of this car.

I think these modifications would vastly improve the exterior appearance of the current Sebring. Basically, the modified version would look like a 7/8 scale mashup of the current 300 with the 2010 Taurus. If they can combine this new exterior with a well crafted interior upgrade, base 4-cylinder/6-speed auto combo, and improvements in NVH and handling, then they may be able to salvage the remainder of this car's model cycle.

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