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Design Competition For Oldsmoboi'S Birthday

Drew Dowdell

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But Remember correctly that indeed the E Body cars were ORIGINALLY Not Designed for those Bumpers, NONE of the cars were actually as that was a US Government "fix" imposed upon All Designs, even tho they were already set for production without those cow catchers as intended, The cars had to be "retrofitted" with those ugly ass things, which set back American Cars a decade in development, & cost the Auto Companies $$$$ Millions to do, without any government "help"....But GM did have a few "escapees" from the bumper mandate which were "experiments in plastic" on GM's part to see if indeed they could "repair" the designs, SO...in this regard my designs here ARE "Period Corrected"....LOL. : :fryingpan:

But IF you REALLY want to SEE the cars with those bumpers, attached GVille image here ;





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OK...here you go...I put All of them into ONE Entry as they are all the same design, with minor differences if any from image to image,I also included the Cow Catcher versions, if indeed that was a requirement, and the final design versions which I prefer, (sans CC bumpers) ...but as I say they all represent the SAME DESIGN.

I figured you could go back to the individual posts to see the full size images ....but, I put them all up here too for those who want to "examine" them one by one. :confused0071:

Again Happy Birthday Drew, ( mine is in 18 days BTW,...) I hope ya like this stuff !

! :convertible:









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I shouldn't be one to judge based on my chop skills, but the headlights are still not period correct. The plastic light housings with the bulbs and mirrors were not around in 1980. It's all about the sealed beam hallogens.


MDM: Your design is slick and attractive with the updated touches, it just would not have happened back then. The fender vent wouldn't have been there either.

Not a criticism, just an observation.

So far, DF's design is the most realistic IMO.

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Uh, jeez I am glad YOU guys Are Not Judging this One, ...Because what your describing already existed, it just was not an E Body which WAS the Entire purpose of this Contest as I recall, & Not to design a car that was built but rather a E Body version, which as a Luxo car COULD go any direction GM was willing to spend the money on.

..And the "side vents" WERE THERE back in the day too :



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I know, awesome cars. I love the attention to detail put into them, and the monster of an engine that lives under the aircraft carrier deck that is the hood. So much more charismatic than a Rolls Royce.

I wanted larger wheels than those little things E-Bodys (and every car of the 80's) had, but wanted them to look period correct. So I though "old world" and Bentley came to mind.

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The Winner(s)!!

This one was tough to judge because there were a lot of great entries. Originally, there was only going to be the grand prize and the participation prizes.... but two entries caught my eye so much that I decided I needed to do more.

As you know, the grand prize winner will receive this 1:18 scale diecast model of the 1966 Toronado.


I have added to that a second place prize, a Toronado Christmas Tree ornament by Hallmark:


All participants will receive a Cheers and Gears prize pack for entering the contest.

So... time to announce the winners.

As I said, two chops in particular caught my eye.

Second place

Dodgefan's Pontiac Silverstone:


I like this one because, other than the wheels, it looks a lot like what Pontiac would have done in 1979. It has a sportier apperance than the corperate siblings which would have fit Pontiac just fine.

First Place

MRDETROITMETAL's Pontiac Grandville


I think this is what a Pontiac E-body would have looked like by 1985. It's also closest to the ideas that I've had in my head for years but have been unable to put down to a photograph. There is no reason Pontiac couldn't have beat Ford to the punch with composite headlights.

Scarlet Swordfish, I think your sketch deserves mention simply because it's great. But to me, it looks a lot more G-body than E-body. It would have made a great Grand Prix.

Thanks to everyone participating. If you submitted an entry please PM me your address so I can send out your prizes.

Watch for our two competitions to be announced later on tonight.

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