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REPORT: Swedish government to meet with GM officials - could Saab still be saved?

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REPORT: Swedish government to meet with GM officials - could Saab still be saved?

Less than a day after General Motors officially announced Saab's euthanization, it looks like the storied Swedish brand might still have the faintest whisper of a pulse. Motor Trend is reporting that there are rumors swirling that the Swedish government will hold emergency meetings this weekend to try to save Saab. At least some government officials apparently feel that Saab is too important to fail... now where have we heard that before? With such a small population, the closure of Saab could have a major impact on the nation's economy, much like the failure of GM (and Chrysler, to a lesser extent) was viewed as potentially catastrophic in the States.

Some 3,400 employees will be jobless when GM completes its planned "orderly wind down" starting in January. That estimate doesn't include workers from the 1,100 Saab dealers that will also be shuttered around the globe.

Despite the failed selloff, things look like they're picking up at The General. The automaker announced yesterday that they had paid back the first $1 billion TARP money they borrowed from us the U.S. government. BAIC, Koenigsegg, Spyker and others had attempted to jump into the Saab fire-sale, but all have come out burned. Well, BAIC at least scored tooling for the old 9-3 and current 9-5. With a new-for 2010 9-5 having taken the stage at auto shows around the globe in recent months and the 9-4X in the wings, we'd love to see all of the Saab faithful get an early Christmas gift. We're definitely not holding our breath, but we'll keep you posted through the weekend should anything materialize.



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In order for SAAB to be saved, it would have to be completely integrated into GM Europe/Opel/Vauxhall, and take on a European Cadillac like status. It also would have to have help from the Swedish government. The only side thing is SAAB would be saved while Oldsmobile and Pontiac would still be dead. SAAB could survive as a regional brand. It could be a niche player too that caters to the Apple and Ikea brands type people.

Chevrolet would be low end in Europe.

Opel/Vauxhall would be Buick like.

SAAB would be sold with Cadillac in Europe and be a regional brand to round out the luxury brand in Europe.

Just my opinions..

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