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GM Slashes Prices of Remaining Pontiacs and Saturns by up to 46%

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GM Slashes Prices of Remaining Pontiacs and Saturns by up to 46%

Tuesday, December 29, 2009 | 0 Comments » Categories | GM, Pontiac, Pontiac G6, Pontiac G8, Pontiac Solstice, Reports, Saturn, Saturn Astra, Saturn Aura, Saturn Sky, Saturn Vue |

If you ever wanted to buy a Pontiac or a Saturn and you don't mind that both brands will soon pass into the books of history, now's the time as General Motors is offering dealers huge incentives to move a few thousand leftover vehicles from the two discontinued marques, the Wall Street Journal reported today.

According to the paper, the Detroit automaker sent a letter to dealers on December 23 stating that it would pay them around $7,000 for every new Pontiac or Saturn on their lot that is moved to their rental-vehicle or service-vehicle fleets.

With this move, the leftover vehicles will be classified as used (even though they're new, the dealers will technically be the vehicles' first owner) thus allowing dealers to sell them at a huge discount which is said to be as much as 46% off the sticker price.

The daily newspaper said that the offer will expire on January 4 which is the last day of the December car-sales month with GM booking the sales to dealers as fleet deliveries.

Saturn's leftover portfolio includes the Vue compact crossover, Sky Roadster, Aura Sedan, Astra compact hatch and Outlook crossover, while Pontiac's range comprises of the Solstice Roadster and Coupe, G6 Sedan, Coupe and Convertible, and the G8 sports sedan.

However, you'll have to check with your local dealer to see which models are available. And if you do, don't hesitate to leave us a comment here telling us what kind of an offer they made you.



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You're more likely to find a G3, Astra or Vibe than a Solstice or Sky.

Probably true for the most part.

The best that could be hoped for would be a non-targa, non-GXP Solstice or a V6 G8.

Most of the good stuff has left the building by now.

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:scratchchin:Lets see do you take the discount now and hope the lost resale value is less when you trade later. Or you just keep it and drive the wheels off of it till it has no value? :scratchchin:

It isn't like you have to worry about someone buying a large volume of these cars for even less that what you would be paying now.

So I don't think there is any hit in this case... at least not for someone taking this deal.

But the people who didn't get this deal and the people who have GM-rebadges of these saturn/pontiacs probably just got screwed. Hopefully there isn't enough volume of unsold saturns/pontiacs to have a lasting impact on the price of the GM rebadges.

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