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Here's the first installment (2nd & final tomm):


1995 Neon, 12p, 11x8.5, exc, $3

1995 Neon, 26p, 12.25x9, exc, $6 (numerous fold-outs)


2004 Ram, 28pg, 11x13.5, exc, $4

1998 Intrepid, 32p, 9.25x12.25, exc, $12 (expensive printing)

1998 Caravan, 28p, 9.25x12.25, exc, $4

1994 Intrepid, 46p, 9.25x12.25, exc, $12 (expensive printing)

1994 Ram, 16p, 8.5x11, exc, $6


2007 Edge, 30p, 8.5x11, exc, $3

2004 F-150, 46p, 11x11, exc, $8

2000 F-Series, 16p, 9x11, exc, $6 (folds out into full-size poster)

1999 F-Series, 44p, 12x9, exc, $8

1997 F-Series, 24p, 9x11, exc, $6

1995 F-Series, 24p, 9x11, exc, $6

1994 F-Series, 20p, 9x11, exc, $6

1994 all trucks, 12p, 9x11, exc, $4

1994 full line (cars), 16p, 9x11, exc, $5

1994 Windstar, 26p, 9x11, exc, $3 (includes direct mailer: '94 Windstar, 4pg, 'moving picture booklet)


1995 Blazer, 16p, 5.25x8.5, exc, $4

1994 full line, 20p, 7x8.25, exc, $12 (inc: Cam, Cor)

1991 full line, 20p, 8.5x11, exc, $14 (inc: Cam, Cor, specs)

1991 Caprice, 6p fold-out, 8.5x11, exc, $8

1980 full line, 24p, 5.5x9, VG (some cover wear), $12 (inc: Cam, Cor, trucks)


2002 Intrique, 32p, 11.25x9, exc, $10

1998 Intrique, 38p, 11x10.25, exc, $10

1998 Intrique, 44p, 11x10.25, exc, $10 (different than above, some writing on cover)

199x Aurora (1st year), 16p, 8.75x8.75, exc, $10

1994 full line, 26p, 10x7, exc, $8


2006 Sierra, 48p, 11.25x8.75, EXC, $6

2000 Sierra, 38p, 11x9, exc, $6

1994 full line, 14p, 5.5x8.5, exc, $6

1991 Cyclone, 6-pg fold-out, 8.5x11, exc, $10

I can bring these to Hershey the 23rd - either in a direct hand-off, or perhaps via a relay thru others.

Otherwise, whatever shipping costs, will be added.

Edited by balthazar

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1994 full-line, 16p, 7.5x11, exc, $2

1992 full-line, 16p, 7.5x11, exc, $2

1991 full-line, 16p, 7.5x11, exc, $4 (the start of the end)


1999 Grand Am, 16p, 9x11, exc, $5

1998 Montana, 32p, 9x11, exc, $4

1998 Montana, 6p fold-out, exc, $2

1992 full-line, 16p, 9x11, exc, $9

1991 Firebird, 8pg fold-out, 9x11, exc, $8

1991 full-line, 90p, 9x11, exc, $15

1991 full-line, 12p, 9x11, exc, $8

1990 full-line, 82p, 9x11, exc, $15

1991 full-line, 12p, 9x11, exc, $8

1989 full-line, 82p, 9x11, VG-exc, $15 (some cover abrasion)

1989 Driving Enthusiast's Handbook, 12p, 9x11, exc, $9

1988 full-line, 72p, 9x11, exc, $15

1985 full-line, 46p, 11x7.25, exc, $13 (have 2)

1985 full-line, 24p, 8x5.25, exc, $9

1984 full-line, 58p, 10x7, vg-exc, $13

1984 full-line, 26p, 10x7, exc, $9

1983 fold-out, 8p, 11x8.5, exc, $5

1982 fold-out, 8p, 11x8.5, exc, $5

1982 fold-out, 6p, 9x5, exc, $4

1982 J-2000, 16p, 9x5.5, VG-exc, $5

1981 fold-out, 8p, 11x8.5, exc, $5

1981 full-line, 9.5x8.25, VG-exc, $8

1980 full-line, 8.25x5.5, VG, $5

1980 1932 V-8 coupe poster, 10x10 open, exc, $8


1998 Century, 28p, 9x11, exc, $3

1986? NASCAR Regal pic w/ driver Patty Moise, 1st woman to win NASCAR Busch Grand National qualifying race, 1p, 11.8.5, exc, $5 (have 3)

1986? NASCAR Regal pic w/ driver Patty Moise), 1p, 11.8.5, exc, $10 (same as above but personally signed by Morse)

1985 full-line, 48p, 7.75x12, exc, $12

1984 full-line, 24p, 9x11, exc, $10

1984-85 turbo 6, 12p, 11x8.5, exc, $12 (drag, NASCAR, road race, factory perf parts, full of race photos)(have 2)

1983 full-line mailer, 14p, 7x10, exc, $5 (all 5 T-types)

1982 Century, 12p, 8x11, exc, $3

1982 full-line, 24p, 8x11, exc, $10


1985 full-line, 40p, 10x11, exc, $15

1985 full-line, 24p, 9x11, exc, $12

1985 FWD Dev/FLTWD, 40p, 11x11, exc, $15

1982 diesel engines, 8p fold-out, 8.25x10.5, exc, $4

1982 HT4100, 8p fold-out, 8.25x10.5, exc, $4

1982 full-line, 12p, 8.25x10.5, exc, $8

1982 full-line, 38p, 8.25x10.5, exc, $15

1981 full-line, 16p, 10x7, exc, $8

I'm willing to entertain close offers. Any questions about what a brochure may contain RE models, or anything else, just ask. Let's talk.

Thanks for looking!

Edited by balthazar

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