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MyFord Touch proves that the shape of things to come is awesome


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MyFord Touch - Click above for high-res image gallery

Ford began its MyFord Touch presentation with a simple question: "People line up for iPhones - why not cars?" What is it about certain pieces of technology that makes them a "must have"? And since the iPhone is really just a merger of two things we already have (a cell phone and PC), is it possible to blend something into a car that will get 'em lining up around the block? Quite obviously, Ford's hoping the answer is yes.

MyFord Touch - and if you buy a Lincoln, MyLincoln Touch - is a piece of driver connect technology like SYNC, only much more advanced. In fact, you can think of MyFord as SYNC 2.0. Or, you could, if not for the fact that there already is a SYNC 2.0. Regardless, in-car technology can do myriad of things these days, and Ford thinks it's found a way to group and display all of a vehicle's functionality in a logical, intuitive and useful way. Sadly, Ford is internally calling this "simplexity," as in making the complex simple. Or, as we wrote in our notes, "barf." Thankfully, the public will know it as MyFord Touch.

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MyFord Touch proves that the shape of things to come is awesome originally appeared on Autoblog on Thu, 07 Jan 2010 00:01:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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what does everyone think of the 'virtual tachometer'?

I think it looks great, plus it can be toggled on an off to make way for other things in teh same space rather than having to use up more dedicated space for different things.

Depends on how accurate & readable it is.

Probably very, as it would work the same as (because it is) digital instruments that an increasing amount of cars have. And considering race cars use digital instruments, they're probably pretty accurate and depenable. ;)

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Ford is on a roll here. They're introducing new technology on each vehicle they debut, making even MCEs press worthy. And I like how they're marketing and branding MyFord Touch as one coherent product... it's a clear competitive advantage that's easy for the customer to understand. It's not just another 40-gig navigation system with SD slot compatibility, etc.

It's time the automobile catches up with the revolution that has been taking place with mobile phones and the like..

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