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Saab update: Spyker speaks out – Saab produces first 9-3 convertible in Sweden


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Saab update: Spyker speaks out – Saab produces first 9-3 convertible in Sweden

01/12/2010, 7:18 PMBY MARK KLEIS

Saab and its fans have likely endured more uncertainty and torture in the last few months than most companies face in a century. Saab has been on and off death row several times, and now one of its potential saviors addressed the future of Saab after it produced its first-ever Swedish-built 9-3 convertible.

Spyker’s founder addresses the situation with Saab

Spyker, who produces some of the most exotic and unique sports cars in the world has made it very clear that they have a legitimate interest in purchasing Saab from GM.

While at the Detroit Auto Show, Spyker’s founder and chief executive spoke and said that the Saab brand still has a chance of survival yet.

“We have shown Mr. Whitacre the money, ” said Muller. “We are absolutely definitely negotiating in good faith with GM to buy Saab.”

Muller went on to address the concern that GM may simply be putting on a show – with no actual intention to sell the automaker, “They are considering offers very, very seriously.”

GM said back on December 18, 2009, that it was beginning to wind down the brand while still considering a handful of last minute bids. GM’s chief concern in prolonging the wind down of Saab is that the brand is costing GM money with every minute it is still in business. GM must not only consider the cash which may or may not be worth keeping a would-be competitor in business, but it must also offset the cost of keeping Saab on its books during the sale process.

“If the sale of Saab doesn’t generate more than the wind down scenario costs, for them it’s clearly not attractive,” said Muller.

Saab reaches historic milestone amidst uncertain future

Saab maybe on death’s door, but business is continuing as usual for some parts of the storied automaker. GM has begun the wind down process while deciding if it wants to accept any of its standing bids for the Swedish automaker, but it hasn’t stopped production.

On January 11, 2010 Saab produced its first ever 9-3 convertible built in Sweden. Saab had been building its 9-3 convertible in Uusikaupunki, Finland, from 1986-1993, and then in Graz, Austria, since 2004. Now, Saab has moved its production to Sweden at its Trollhättan facility – marking the first time a Saab convertible was produced in Sweden for any model.


The new Saab 9-3 convertible will be produced alongside the next generation 9-5 if the automaker remains in business.

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