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New QT Wildcats promise tube-framed filthy good times


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QT Wildcat 500DKR - click above for high-res image gallery

Quite a long time ago, we told you about the Bowler "Race" Rovers. As it turns out, about 18 months ago, these Race Rovers (actually called Wildcats) were sold to another British company, QT Services. The Wildcats have been busy: aside from being sold to new owners, a Jaguar-engined 500DKR Wildcat placed third in Egypt's treacherous Pharaoh's Rally.

What's a Wildcat? You can think of them as an extreme crossover vehicle of sorts - specifically the least hardcore of the three model lineup, the 300STR. It's a crossover in the same way that a Porsche Cayenne is a crossover. Full of capability on both the street and the dirt. Though we would imagine that the Wildcat 300STR might be a touch more capable than the Porker...

All three Wildcats feature a lightweight, tubular spaceframe chassis with fiberglass bodies. The three models go up only in off-road prowess - in order they are the aforementioned 300STR, the medium duty 400NSR and the hardcore, Pharaoh's Rally running 500DKR. If you didn't guess, DKR is an abbreviation of "Dakar."

The 300STR is the street legal one of the bunch. As such, it's available with air conditioning, some form of audio system and even a place to stow your golf bag. Notice we didn't say "bags." The next level up 400NSR has been developed for smaller events like the
British Cross Country Championship or the French Tout Terrain series. It's not street legal, but it's not an out-and-out thug like the 500DKR, either.

Speaking of the 500DKR, it's the self-described "jewel" in QT's "crown." Whereas the less extreme Wildcats featured Rover's tired tried-and-true 4.0-liter V8, the 500DKR gets a previous-gen Jaguar petrol motor good for 285 horsepower and 300 pound-feet of torque. Everything else on the 500 DKR has been "ruggedised" to the Nth degree. It also sounds like if you write a large enough check, QT will build you whatever you like. As they put it, "Options are available to make this car a serious contender for international honours." Indeed. Press release after the jump, high-res images below.

Gallery: QT WIldcat


[source: QT Services | Images: Richard Streeton]

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