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GM expanding Pause and Play Radio to two new vehicles


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GM expanding Pause and Play Radio to two new vehicles

Here's another feature you can include in the 2011 Buick Regal purchase price: Pause and Play radio. It's already a feature on some of General Motors' higher-end vehicles like the Buick LaCrosse and Cadillac CTS, and will be introduced on the Regal and Chevrolet Cruze.

Working like your cable TV DVR, Pause and Play allows you to save up to 20 minutes of whatever's playing on the radio, even XM or Sirius. That it's coming on the Buick is only to be expected. That it's coming on the Cruze is good news from GM, allowing us to believe even more and more in a future of full-featured little domestic cars on decent budgets. So, SYNC... take that!

GM Press Release:

Never Miss a Beat: Pause and Play Radio Will Wait for You

You're driving along listening to your favorite radio station and a commercial playing contains a website address you want to check out. But you can't – or shouldn't – be writing while driving. Wouldn't it be great to just hit a pause button on the radio?

Now you can.

Pause and play radio is a built-in feature of the High Navigation Radio in the Chevrolet Equinox, Buick LaCrosse, GMC Terrain and Cadillac SRX as well as the Cadillac CTS Jukebox and Navigation radio, on which it debuted in 2008. Pause and play is coming soon to the new Buick Regal and Chevrolet Cruze.

Just like digital video recording at home that lets you capture live broadcasts and take a break while watching, pause and play radio lets you stop a live broadcast, record up to 20 minutes, and play it back later. It's as simple as pushing the radio reverse button.

But say you're listening to a football game on XM Satellite Radio, and your gas gauge is running down with the game clock. Do you risk running out of fuel to catch the end of the game?

No worries.

Before shutting off the vehicle, the driver can press the radio pause button, shut off their vehicle, get out and fill up, get back in the vehicle and start it, push the radio play button and resume listening to the game it stopped.

The content is stored on an embedded hard drive within the radio. Listeners can fast-forward and reverse playback as desired.



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