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Report: Toyota continuing to sell recalled vehicles without a fix

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Report: Toyota continuing to sell recalled vehicles without a fix

Toyota is in the beginning stages of a new voluntary recall that affects 2.3 million vehicles. The recall involves accelerator pedal mechanisms that could stick due to wear and cause unintended acceleration, though it is technically not related to an earlier, larger recall to fix floor mats on certain Toyota and Lexus models that could also cause accelerator pedals to stick.

The folks over at Kicking Tires spoke with National Manager of Environmental Safety and Quality for Toyota, John Hanson, who revealed that vehicles affected by the recall are still sitting on dealer lots for customers to purchase in spite of their potentially defective accelerator pedal mechanisms. Hanson said the reason that Toyota is letting dealers still sell the vehicles even though they may have to come back in for repair is because the problem tends to appear after extended wear. However, since Toyota doesn't yet have a fix figured out, dealers can reportedly only replace the defective pedal mechanisms with new mechanisms of the same type for now. Hanson is also reportedly unsure about whether or not the vehicles affected by the recall are still being manufactured, but said he thought the lines involved were down.

While it is within the law for Toyota to keep affected vehicles on the lot given the fact that the recall is voluntary, we hope its dealers have enough scruples to inform potential customers about the issue before these vehicles are purchased.



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Some interesting comments from Toyota fans...seems the tide is turning


I dont ever want to give up my early 90's camry. Once the 2000s rolled along, toyota only manufactures POS.

Sorry, to those who own late model toyotas, I'm very vocal about it. Theres no such thing as innovation at toyota, its run of the mill quality.

If i ever were to leave my 92 Camry, I would probably get a honda, or who knows maybe a domestic, cause buying a new toyota would be the worst mistake ever.


I agree with the previous post, these recalls are a by product of Toyota's recent corporate goal to grow very fast to #1 volume car manufacturer. Hopefully the recession and these recalls have forced the Toyota corporate planners to change their priorities.

Because if Toyota starts consistantly building crappy cars, after 35 years of Toyota ownership, I'll be the first one to drop 'em and buy a Hyundai.


Rav, you should try sitting in a camry then right after going into a fusion or then taurus. Then take them for a drive. I thought the current camry and the avalon are garbage compared to ford. Even nissan has a more sporty interior.

It's unfortunate though, even the new fusion will be fitted with a turbo motor.

Can't go wrong with toyota, but like myself, I really think that other manufactures have some really cool cars coming out which, and i wish toyota had the same innovation and outlook. Im more interested in visiting ford, and other dealers over toyota nowadays.

Wow, looks like I'm not the only one who found the 2009+ Corollas to be an extreme disappointment especially on the quality front. The brakes bleed a lot of brake dust when washed...leading me to believe they'll need replacement earlier than one would expect. I hated driving the thing too, the stupid electric power steering being the most annoying part, they didn't tweak it very much for the 2010s not helping the image the Corolla is dull to drive. Considering all the Japanese alternatives...the Corolla has the most dated dash, even the Cobalt is more sophisticated. The only one that is even less impressive than the Corolla's dash is the Caliber's...which isn't what Toyota should be aiming for.
And I have to say, I wasn't too happy. I sat in a lot of the cars they had on the lot and was pretty disappointed. For example, the current Corolla and Matrix interior was pure $h! by Toyota standards.

Now, I had been in the 2008+ Corolla/Matrix before many times, but just now noticed this. Hard plastic everywhere..none of the softer touch materials Toyota is known for. Door panels made out of flimsy plastic that after 10 + years of slamming the door with your hand grabbing onto the handle is going to take its toll and break, easily. Every prior generation Corolla had a better interior, not to mention the whole car itself seems to have been half-assed. Drum brakes, 4-speed auto? Come on. Toyota, update the Corolla's interior for the MCE and get rid of the cheap features. Don't just update the grille and tailights this time- this one requires dire help.

Next was the Rav4. While the doors had that solid Toyota "thwomp" when you closed them, the storage panel on the passenger side that you press the "open/close" button to make work was pure $h!! It was made from the same Fisher Price plastic as my dad's $45k Silverado. Cheap, hollow, flimsy plastic. None of the soft touch here either on the dash or door panels.

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why do people expect to get life fulfillment from a car brand? those people act as if this was life and death stuff.


Listen I really am happy toyota is getting some backfire now after all those years of fluff press and customer opinion, but the insane basis for a lot of people's statements really shows how they are really unable to judge for themselves what is best for them.

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I particularly enjoyed this quote.


Toyota has worked for years to perfect their strategy of selling cars to people who hate cars. Really. Do car enthusiasts buy Toyotas? No way. The people who do buy them are those who know nothing about cars, don't want to know anything about cars, don't want to maintain or ever fix a car, but need a transportation device to move them from point A to point B. To them, a car is merely an appliance, and for them, we have Toyota. Through building competent vehicles and careful manipulation of the brand and image,(don't overlook this part), Toyota succeeded in cultivating a perception of their cars being superior in reliability and longevity, even though most of us know this is no longer true. As a result, flocks of people bought Toyotas as they expected them to be the least likely to be a problem. It certainly wasn't because they were inspiring. I for one am delighted to see every scratch that is made in Toyota's carefully polished image, as with each we move a little closer to the truth under the shiny facade - they're just another car company and they're not perfect either.
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