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If C&G were expanded

What forums would you like to see added?  

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  1. 1. What forums would you like to see added?

    • C&G Sports
    • Entertainment
    • Design & Styling (to talk about car design)
    • Other (name away, but please be serious)
    • All the above
    • None

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Just something I was pondering....just made me wonder if these forums existed, would that cause us to talk other things besides cars and being silly with each other...or really, more to the point, make C&G one-stop shopping... Hell, it may wake up a lot of lurkers.... Anyway, sound off...

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Damn, forgot to add options for "all of the above" or "none" Maybe if an admin can take care of that....

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As I mentioned in my other thread, we should add a section to review cars, both new and used. Time to silent those paid thugs who bash GM (or American cars in general) for whatever reason.

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Well, let me give you the official answer to some questions and musings.

Cheers and Gears has always and will always be a General Motors enthusiast site. We have sections for other makes because, let's face it, they matter in relation to the success of our home team.

People have mentioned before about making the leap to being a full-blown automotive site encompassing every marque in just as much detail as we do GM. This will never, ever happen. If you want that sort of mishmash, go to TCC or Edmunds' Town Hall and we'll see you back here in a few weeks. The whole appeal of divisional site like this, BON, AllPar, VTec.net, and VW Vortex is that it offers a place for people of similar vehicular persuasions to meet, discuss, and form associations free from the ridiculousness of those free-for-all message boards where when someone wants to discuss a future Buick in ernest, half the responses amount to "Who cares? Buick sucks!" "R U 2 YUNG FOR A BUICK?!?!" and "Y NOT GET AN AVALON?!" C&G and the others are online communities moreso than TCC and the like.

We do have a bias here - to General Motors. We're not going to deny that and - unlike many 'respected' publications - we'll admit that bias off the bat. However, no matter what you drive or like or enjoy, as long as you have some desire or affection for at least one GM product, you're more than welcome here. Expanding to include other car companies opens us up for far more bickering and senseless anti-GM rhetoric than we've ever had and I for one don't want that.

In short, this is not Wal-Mart and never will be. This is your antique shop or comic book store or barbershop where you may need be able to get all you need, but you'll have a far higher quality of what you can get. And, yes, we will expand, but only to cater primarily to the GM enthusiast, not other companies and certainly not non-automotive topics.

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Well, damn, Brian....you may as well have locked the thread after your response....I was just saying "if".... Don't trip, I like keeping it to GM appreciation too....that's why I steered clear of those other sites....here, people of like minds can show how good a lot of GMs actually are. Still though, would have been cool to stick around after a car topic and talk a little NBA or about a movie you saw or something, with a set of folks whose take on such you'd like to see.... But I can definitely see where you wouldn't want a bunch of people coming here ONLY to talk about things that have nothing to do with General Motors....this place would become Okayplayer rather quickly, and get a bunch of 14-year-old girls yelling "F**k GM, I wana do AarOn cArTeR in da bak uv N EcHo!" or something similarly crazy.... Edited by LosAngeles

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