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Toyota Recall: The TSB Toyota Didn't Want You To See

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Toyota Recall: The TSB Toyota Didn't Want You To See

Everyone and their mother's got video of dealer technicians applying the Toyota pedal recall fix (CNN's had it all week). We're not everyone. Instead, here's what dealer techs get: the Technical Service Bulletin Toyota doesn't want you to see.

Below, we have the technical service bulletin (TSB) for the Toyota pedal recall as well as the technical instructions and work procedure below that. It's really nothing secret — it's just the "how to" for dealer techs to install a reinforcement bar behind 2.23 million Toyota brake pedals so beige-mobiles won't accelerate against driver intention into walls, cars, people and park benches anytime the weather conditions are right.

You'd expect Toyota PR would be willing to toss documents like that our way, right? Well, they weren't. When we initially asked Toyota PR for these documents earlier this week they wouldn't send them to us. Then, when we explained we'd be able to find them on our own sooner rather than later (as NHTSA will provide them to other media later this morning), they still seemed unable to procure them for us. Now we know the reason why. Toyota's trying to micro-manage every aspect of the media inquiries on this safety recall — including explaining to dealers they're not allowed to talk to media without input from Toyota corporate — or give us documents like these. From the TSB:

For News media inquiries only: Due to the nature of this Safety Campaign, it is imperative that all media contacts (local and national) receive a consistent message. In this regard, all media contacts must be directed to Brian Lyons (310) 468-2552, John Hanson (310) 468-4718, in Corporate Communications. (Please do not provide these numbers to customers or direct dealership associates to call).

So, remember Toyota techs, don't give out these numbers that any consumer will be able to find on NHTSA's home page later today to just anyone — just any media outlets from the local school paper all the way up to the New York Times, OK?

As usual, we're not about page views, so if you're not interested in walking through the gallery below, click here to see all of the images in-line or, download the entire PDF here and here.



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What is it going to take for all of America to cry for blood on this one?

I have an uncle who owns a 2010 Highlander. Yep, I know. He's the only member out of my extended family that has bought solely Toyota for years while everyone else in my family buys GM, Ford, or ChryCo. I was talking to him about the massive Toyota fuck-up just yesterday and he thinks this is all some plan to knock Toyota down from number one and that it wouldn't stop him from buying another one. He's a cool guy and all, but Jesus ... :facepalm:

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