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Honda expands airbag recall to include 820,000 vehicles

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Honda expands airbag recall to include 820,000 vehicles

02/09/2010, 6:41 PMBY MARK KLEIS

Honda announced today, that for the second time, it will expanding an airbag recall which dates back to the original recall in November, 2008. The original recall involved fewer than 4,000 Civics and Accords with faulty airbags – but was later expanded to include 440,000 vehicles in July 2009.

The problem itself stems from a faulty airbag inflator that can deploy with too much pressure, sometimes resulting in shrapnel being sent into the occupant and causing injury, or death. Honda says that it knows of 12 incidents so far, but because of Honda’s inability to determine with certainty that many of the inflators will not repeat this problem, Honda has notified NHTSA that it will be expanding the recall for a second time.

The first announcement to expand the recall to 440,000 vehicles, including some 2001-02 Accords and Civics, as well as certain 2002 Acura TL vehicles, increased the size of the recall by 110 fold.

The second expansion of the recall will include 378,758 additional vehicles – bringing the total to just under 820,000 vehicles in the running recall. The expanded list includes some 2001-2 Accords, Civics, Odysseys, CR-Vs and selected 2002 Acura TL vehicles. Honda also noted that one Honda Pilot and a single Acura CL, each produced in late 2002, will be recalled as well.

Honda says it will attempt to reach the affected vehicles’ owners by mail and telephone to notify them of the need to have the vehicle serviced under the recall.



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