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2012 Chevrolet Aveo sneaks out of presentation


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2012 Chevrolet Aveo - Click above for image gallery

With the recent unveiling of the Aveo RS concept at the Detroit Auto Show and spy shots of Chevrolet's diminutive hatch testing in Michigan, Chevy is obviously prepping all-new Aveo for prime time. And judging by these pics procured by KickingTires after a presentation by Bob Lutz, the Aveo is getting a much-needed makeover both inside and out.

aveo-interior-250op.jpgWith a front end that stays true to the RS, along with a set of bulging fenders and an artfully carved swage line, the 2012 Aveo is a dramatic departure from the budget-conscious model roaming the streets today. Coupled with a thoroughly revised interior, complete with upgraded materials and the RS' motorcycle-inspired gauge cluster, the Aveo has its sights set squarely on the new Ford Fiesta, particularly when it arrives in five-door form.

Pricing remains a question mark, but we'd suspect all the details to be revealed before the end of the year, with sales starting sometime in 2011.

[source: KickingTires]

2012 Chevrolet Aveo sneaks out of presentation originally appeared on Autoblog on Tue, 23 Feb 2010 16:40:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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autoblog?i=g-A6XR_TqhQ:S6hzDuYWyEM:wF9xT autoblog?i=g-A6XR_TqhQ:S6hzDuYWyEM:V_sGL

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That exterior style really gives the impression of a much larger car. I'm not so keen on the creases between the wheel arch lip and fenders, particularly on the rear; strangely, the front fenders look alright with them. Weird.

That interior rendering is quick attractive. That cluster is rather unique. I suppose different can be good, even if I'm still not a fan of the Civic having its dual-instrument readouts.

Let's see what comes down the pipe!

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I am really liking the face of this car. I'd like to see this face on the next Impala. The individual round headlights look soooo much better than the trend elsewhere. Overall, based on this CGI, well done and better looking than the Cruze.

The wide track in relation to the fenders, and the slim wheel-to-fender gap really make this car's stance. Those aspects had better not be enhanced for the rendering or my endorsement will evaporate.

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The interior will play well with the younger Gen as it is more gamer like and motorcycle inspired.

If it sells better than the Cruze that is not all bad. At least Chevy keeps the sale. The key is that it sells better to those that would buy Honda or Ford.

I agree the headlights need to become a part of Chevys face. It sets them apart from the other drab light fixture. It make the car look more expensive than it is.

The new Bu and Impala should both get these and Chevy should adapt this style to the Cruze in the next update.

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I think the 'gauge pod' thing is a really cool idea; it makes the interior look a little more 'high-tech.'

In USA I think GM would be happy that you would buy the Aveo than the Cruze so it can make more profit and justify spending $$$ for small cars which it hates to develop and build for NA. As it is seen smaller the car the more volume it needs to break even.

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obviously i'm with most folks here commenting on execution and refinement. there is great detailing here and great surface forms. but on pushing towards these new fronts, GM has left themselves looking like a me-too. personal impression ultimately will determine how me-too this is. for those remarking it should be of concern that cruze is not much different....i think that's a very good thing. cruze has already been mentioned to be almost mid-size dimmensions...so when buyers come in looking for aveo and they happen to see cruze is a lot like it only much bigger inside with equal or better fuel economy ratings and a more powerful and perhaps more fulfilling drive [maybe not, maybe aveo will have a lot of spunk]........cruze will have a good thing for itself. i like both a lot...the stance works really well on both. it's just a skitsch too generic.

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i also think cruze and aveo are the best looking compact/subcompact pair. Ford has chosen extremes with Focus and Fiesta...though i will have to wait and see the impression i get from both in person. I think GM has chosen to go for substance over flash with this pair, in that they've gotten the stance to be aggressive and strong, they have good profiles and good proportions, and they haven't gone overboard with styling details, one thing I do think Fiesta does wrong.

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It's quickly becoming apparent that the Aveo RS "concept" was basically a production model with weird door handles and big wheels. Assuming the Aveo RS's interior is basically production, it completely blows away the Fiesta interior in both design and in the feel of the materials.

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It's more youthful than the Cruze to be sure... but I don't think I connect well with it. First of all I hate that stupid multi-function digital thing. Some may like it but I just like a nice set of analogue gauges. I'm thinking the Cruze most speaks to me but I'll reserve final judgment on that until I see the Buick Whatchamacallit in the flesh.

That being said for the youthful set (of which, despite my age, I am not a member) will love this car, mark my words. I think this blows the Fiesta out of the water. I never got excited about the Fiesta sedan because it looks odd, almost like an afterthought with somewhat unfortunate proportions.

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