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Viper Club of America acquires spare parts from Chrysler


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Viper Club of America acquires spare parts from Chrysler

Typically, when a product line is discontinued, owners of the deceased model can still acquire spare parts for their vehicles from the manufacturer. But in this case, Dodge Viper owners will apparently have an alternative venue for replacement parts.

A deal has reportedly been struck between Chrysler and the Viper Club of America to transfer a quantity of excess and blemished parts, as well as some collectibles, to the non-profit association that serves some 25,000 owners. The inventory includes everything from body panels painted in discontinued colors to scratched wheels the factory couldn't sell. Also included are the tooling to reproduce certain parts in the future and memorabilia like the body panels from the Viper Competition Coupe that raced a U.S. Air Force F-16 fighter jet.

Some parts will be kept in museums, but the spare parts will be sold through a new company founded by the club called Viper Parts of America, Inc., the proceeds from which will go towards supporting club activities.



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^^ That canot be accurate. Doesn't federal law mandate some level of replacement parts for 10 years after the vehicle was produced ??

The records thing would be extrememly stressful if true, regardless of the low level of interest in AMCs.

I've wondered about that myself, but I can only assume one of two things... they figured that they were stocked at the dealerships, or that regulation didn't exist in 1988. I've also heard its 9 years, not 10... so that only covers 1979-1988... which is pretty much only a handful of very similar models... without looking up the numbers in the standard catalog, I imagine less than a million cars.

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