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Tail fins? In 2010? They're back on this GM concept

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Tail fins? In 2010? They're back on this GM concept

08:41 AM

Just when you thought tail fins were left in the 1960s, along comes General Motors and its German Opel division in creating the Flextreme GT/E concept car at the Geneva Motor Show.

The futuristic car is supposed to be a showcase for green technologies. It's an extended-range electric, much like the Chevrolet Volt will be when it goes on sale in the U.S. later this year.

But in order to achieve low co-efficient of drag, the Flextreme has, well, tail fins in addition to a low and wide stance, and wing-shaped lights front and rear. The fins are called "stubbed C-pillars" and they are supposed to emphasize the flowing lines of the side body.

"The Flextreme GT/E concept shows the shape of things to come from Opel," says Frank Weber, vice president of corporate and product planning. "Bold, expressive and highly efficient, it represents the product strategy we will apply to all our future vehicles, large and small, across all market segments."



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My take : a "fin" has to rise above the horizontal plane it sprouts from, and/or have a rearward-facing undercut in some way.

Illustrated~ this fits my definition :


while this does not:


To address Olds' above WRT my definition: the SRX does not have fins, but the Opel linked absolutely does (if those are free-standing; could they have taken a more pointless close-up pic ??).

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I see it, Olds, but no way would I ever call that a 'fin'.

To me the SRX's case is no different than an extended bullet-lensed taillight.

It does not encompass sheetmetal, it doesn't rise above the horizontal and it doesn't have any sort of undercut rearward. It's just a projecting lense. My take...

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