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Georgia Parents Trade Sex With Daughter For Used-Car Payments

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Georgia Parents Trade Sex With Daughter For Used-Car Payments

You read that right: A central Georgia couple bought a minivan, couldn't make the payments, and kept the car by making their daughter perform sex acts on the dealer. The worst part? The girl was only 14.

From the America Has Devolved Even Further And Now We Want To Go Live In A Cave Department: The two parents in the case, both 36 years old, had a history of drug use and abuse. They bought the car, a 1998 Dodge minivan, in March of 2008, proceeded to not make a single payment, and then forced their daughter to have sex with their dealership's 66-year-old manager.

All three adults were recently arrested and are currently in custody and are awaiting a bond hearing. The parents have been charged with child molestation and pandering; the manager was charged with child molestation and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. The girl, who is now 15, is in foster care.

Oh, one more thing — the payment amount? The dollar figure that two people sold their only daughter's innocence for? Two hundred and eighty-one dollars.


[Associated Press, Boston Herald and True Crime Report]



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No way, this type of thing could never happen in the south, an area of the country I've been told is inhabited by fine citizens who love nothing more than god, family and country.

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not that this had never happened before (basically)it's a tragedy and possible sign of things to come if the economy continues to stay in the toilet till it gets flushed and the society of this country for the last...maybe 100 years, but certainly the last 20.

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