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Rendered Speculation: Saab 9-1 gets drawn up


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saab-9-1-rendering.jpgVictor Muller, CEO of Spyker Cars, has made it clear that Saab, which was just recently acquired by Muller's exclusive automaker, will introduce a new small car to go up against the Mini and the newly shown-off Audi A1. What's more, the new small Saab will hearken back to such classically styled Swedish iron as the classic 1949 92.

It's been rumored that the next Saab will be known as the 9-1 and will be based atop the underpinnings of the Opel Astra hatchback. Unlike past GM-based (or Subaru-based, depending) Saabs, though, Muller is reportedly telling his designers that every car wearing the Born-from-Jets badge must be instantly recognizable as a Saab.

That's enough information for a few talented artists to sketch out their own ideas of what a mini Saab might look like, and just such an illustration comes courtesy of Autobild. We have no clue how accurate it may be, but feel free to check it in full by clicking here. So, what do you think?

[source: Autobild (translated)]

Rendered Speculation: Saab 9-1 gets drawn up originally appeared on Autoblog on Fri, 05 Mar 2010 17:31:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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autoblog?i=bL0cgqMWycQ:VcGQrBOqFko:wF9xT autoblog?i=bL0cgqMWycQ:VcGQrBOqFko:V_sGL

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I wonder if there's real potential for 'less cute' = success in something this damned small. 'Cute' seems to be the only approach to date by anyone.

it's hard for a small car to be macho styled.....the proportions naturally fight its ability to look anything besides cute and feminine.

or as blu would say about the spark.

now, in the case of the hornet, that wasn't too bad.

i saw the new fiesta this weekend. that is even bordering on cute. mazda 2 also.....the mazda 2 was especially weak. too rounded most certainly. methinks the aveo when it hits will come off nicely in comparison.

come to think of it, i guess the c30 is a little less cute than some of the others, but until the freshened front end this year, i don't think you would have called it aggressive.

i guess i see the Mini and renderings like this Saab and it just goes straight to the old Dodge Neon 'hi' commercials, and the new beetle.

to be honest the toyota IQ is about as macho as anything in these lower segments.

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If SAAB were to use the MINI platform (that pic is based on a MINI pic) I'd expect it to use the longer variants (Clubman or Crossman). Based on an Astra platform it will certainly look nothing like that.

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