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Tin Automotive Signs For Sale


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See the attached pictures for the threee automotive, one fire department, and one license plate tin signs I am selling.

The Cadillac, Mustang, and Chevrolet signs measure approximately 18" x 12"; the Cadillac and Mustand are still in their original shrink-wrap, though the corner of the mustang one is slightly bent from being tossed about in my step-son's room. The Chevrolet sign was displayed in my old garage from 2002-2004; it has been sitting in my basement in a bag ever since. I am asking $10 for the Cadillac & Mustang signs, will take $8 for the Chevrolet sign.

The Fire Department sign is a 12" round sign, still in its shrink-wrap, and has been sitting in my basement for the last year and a half. I am asking $10 for it.

The Jeep license plate is dark green with white lettering, grille, and border. It measures 12" x 6" and I am asking $5 for it.

I will find out how much shipping will cost if you provide me with your zip-code.






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So hang them up!


I think my garage wall has plenty already on it... and I still have a few more things in the basement that need to be hung first. I may put the Cadillac sign on there because I do like it, and donate the firefighter sign to my local fire station, if they don't sell.

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I'm interested in the mustang sign. I'm super strapped for cash right now since I am going on 2 vacations this month but I would be able to buy it off you in early August. PM with what you think is a resonable price and we can go from there.

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The Cadillac sign is not available, but the others still are. Looking to make some extra cash to take to Hershey next weekend for the AACA Fall Meet, so if anyone's interested in the Mustang, Chevrolet, Fire Dept signs or the Jeep license plate, please make me an offer (shipping is extra, and can be determined once I get your zip code). I would like to sell these ASAP.

Also, in the picture of my garage wall is a round Pontiac sign. Not sure if it's tin, as it's heavier than the rest of my signs, but it too is available. Used, but in very good shape.

Best offer(s) will be accepted; please post here or PM me.


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