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Could Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain become hits for GM?

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Could Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain become hits for GM?

12:26 AM

General Motors may have a rare -- and badly needed -- hit on hits hands with the Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain.

The starkest evidence yet was GM's announcement Friday that it's increasing production of the two models at a Canadian assembly plant. Almost certainly, March sales figures are going to show healthy increases in sales of the two models. But GM passes on a little more positive word about the pair that underscore why the extra production was needed:

U.S. retail sales for Equinox in February rose 121% compared to February 2009, the eighth consecutive month of year-over-year retail sales increase.

Terrain was a new model introduced last year. So far in 2010, U.S. retail sales for Terrain are up 191 percent, compared to the same period last year for the Pontiac Torrent, the vehicle it replaced.

In February, Equinox averaged 16 days-to-turn,(industry parlance for how many days that vehicles linger on dealers' lots.) Terrain averaged 13 days-to-turn, as compared to 31 days for the overall compact SUV segment and 54 days industry average.

About half of all Equinox and Terrain sales come from non-GM trade-ins.

That last one, that so many sales are coming from buyers trading in other brands, is probably what makes GM CEO Ed Whitacre the happiest.



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Can't keep 'em on the lots 10 months after intro and it's a super crowded segment. It's not like this is a Camaro and your only other choices are Mustang or Challenger. Ford alone has 6 models competing with these two.

Yeah, I think it's a hit.

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The Nox is a good looking vehicle just loaded with value. Even not loaded it can be had at a good price and still have most of the features most people want or need. If you want the others they are still available. Even the base model dose not look like a rental car.

This is the kind of car GM needs to show it is real and make money with. The Camaro and Vette are fine but the high volume cars like the Nox. Bu, Orlando and Cruze need to perform like this. I just hope the other two entice the non GM public as well as the Nox has.

IF anything the Nox will get them into the dealers and that is the hard part. Once in the dealers they will see the other new cars once they arrive that is.

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