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U.S. federal government placing order for 5,000 hybrid vehicles

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U.S. federal government placing order for 5,000 hybrid vehicles

03/31/2010, 11:26 AMBY MARK KLEIS

President Obama is expected to announce later today that the federal government has placed fleet orders for 5,000 hybrid vehicles. The order comes just days before the National Highway Traffic Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency pass a joint final ruling establishing new, stricter emissions and fuel economy standards.

According to the Detroit News, the federal government has placed an order for 5,000 new hybrid vehicles to replace traditional gas-powered vehicles in its aging fleet. The details of the order, including which makes and models were ordered, have not yet been announced.

The White House did make a short announcement, suggesting that the order shows the administration’s “commitment to leading by example of fuel efficiency.”

Obama is expected to make a more through announcement regarding the order later today, just one day before NHTSA and the EPA are set to finalize an increase in standards that will directly affect automakers. The new regulations will increase standards for greenhouse gas emissions, as well as increase corporate average fuel economy standards for light-duty vehicles for model years 2012-2016.

The new regulations are expected to cost automakers $60 billion just over the next five years, but will boost fleet-wide fuel economy to 34.1 mpg in the same time period. The changes in fuel-economy standards are expected to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 950 million metric tons and reduce oil consumption by 1.8 billion barrels over the complete lifetime of the vehicles., according to NHTSA.



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>>"The details of the order, including which makes and models were ordered, have not yet been announced."<<


The Escape Hybrid would be the most politically correct choice, because it's made in the USA by a US-based company.

There's the Altima Hybrid and Camry Hybrid, which are made in the US but by companies HQ-ed in Japan.

The Fusion Hybrid is made in Mexico. Maybe they can buy off the 2009 "hybrid" Malibus still sitting on the lots, which were made in the US by a US company but have poor (by hybrid standards) fuel economy.

I'm guessing the order will include all of the above.

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Assembly plant location is immaterial, IMO- but the buy should be from an American company.

I can't see the Gov needing 5000 Escape-sized vehicles, but with the relentless expansion, I'm sure I'm wrong there. Some of the 16,000 new IRS agents are going to need mobilization to go execute the coming flood of audits.

Wonder if any hybrid Tahoes will be in the mix.

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