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Blue Oval adds fuel economy coach to MyFord Touch


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Blue Oval adds fuel economy coach to MyFord Touch [w/video]

by Chris Shunk (RSS feed) on Apr 15th 2010 at 7:00PM

MyFord Touch promises to better connect drivers to their phones and MP3 players as well as the functions that are traditionally controlled by buttons and knobs. The screen will be displayed on a 4.2-inch LCD located directly in front of the driver next to the speedometer, with a five-way switch on either side of the steering wheel that enables the driver to access information without turning his or her head or taking a hand off the steering wheel.

MyFord (and MyLincoln) Touch already sounds impressive, but Ford apparently isn't done wowing with its functionality. The Blue Oval announced today that its new touch interface will also help drivers save fuel by arming them with real-time feedback on fuel efficiency performance, helping coach drivers on how to conserve fuel. Jim Buczkowski, Ford director of Global Electrical and Electronics Systems Engineering, says in the company's press release that MyFord Touch "provides an unprecedented level of information and interaction so drivers can make the choice to be more fuel efficient."

Ford's newest interactive infotainment creation will accomplish this feat by providing additional fuel economy information, similar to the SmartGauge leaf display utilized in the Ford Fusion Hybrid. SmartGauge rewards efficient driving with an increasing amount of leaves and flowers, and drivers can also track their fuel economy with a graphical bar chart next to the fuel gauge display that shows mile-per-gallon averages for the past five, 10 and 30 minutes.

Ford also plans to utilize its excellent navigation system to help drivers become more efficient. MyFord Touch pairs up with the map-based navigation to provide drivers an Eco-Route that instantly utilizes both historical and real-time traffic data to map you to the most efficient route possible. Ford says that while the Eco-Route isn't necessarily the fastest route, it can help drivers consume up to 15 percent less fuel on any given trip.

MyFord Touch arrives this summer with the launch of the 2011 Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX. Hit the jump to watch a video and read over Ford's MyFord Touch press release, which also lists 10 useful tips for conserving fuel.



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