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GM plays catch-up on marketing its turbo

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GM plays catch-up on marketing its turbo

Chrissie Thompson

Automotive News -- April 19, 2010 - 12:01 am ET

DETROIT -- Mention Ford Motor Co.'s EcoBoost engine to a General Motors Co. powertrain engineer and you'll probably hear, "We had that technology first."

GM's mistake, says Uwe Grebe, executive director of GM's global advanced engineering, was missing the chance to badge the technology, as Ford did. GM is now discussing ways to catch up with Ford's marketing, Grebe says.

Ford launched EcoBoost -- which combines turbocharging and direct injection -- last summer, spending as much as a new-vehicle launch on its marketing. Ford has said it expects to offer EcoBoost in 90 percent of its models by 2013.

When GM first built its turbocharged direct-injection engines in 2007 for the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky, Grebe says, the company talked about the engines.

"But we didn't have a badge and say, 'This is the most important thing we will put on all our brochures,' " he says. Now, Grebe says, finding a new marketing strategy is a top priority, although he is mum on timing. One item of discussion is whether GM will come up with a badge. The technology is standard on the Chevrolet Cobalt SS and HHR SS models. It will be an option on the Buick Regal due late this summer.

"It would not be good to say, 'This is EcoBoost, only better,' " Grebe says. "People need to know what it is," but "people don't want to know every detail of the technology."

Read more: http://www.autonews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20100419/RETAIL03/304199980/1430#ixzz0lYHID28r

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GM's lack of money was really in play here.

The point now is to show what GM has to offer and all they have to do is state they were the leader with this technology since 2007.

The Ecotech Turbo is one of GM's best engines and few people know or even have heard of it. The only real need they have is to let people know how much power and how many MPG with a 5 year 100,000 mile warranty on the entire engine. It has been a very reliable engine for all the cars it was in and GM should state this.

The HP numbers and MPG are better than the Ecoboost. So let somebody know.

The only thing better on the Ecoboost 4 is that it had bette marketing.

I think some spots just on the engine and what its able to do need to be done and show what cars it will be available in. The next challange is to get the V6 DI Turbo out and market the hell out of it as soon as it is ready. GM has the best drivetrain engineers in the market and they have some of the best engine and tranny combo's anyone can have. Lets face it look who others go to for help with new trannys.

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The best part is (at least to me) Ford jumped all over the eco naming before GM named thier turbo ecotec the same thing.

What will GM name it






at any rate ... I'll take a DI/2.4 VVT non turbo in a Cruze or that cute new aveo .... good Lord did I say AVEO!!! Help me Jesus.

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What ever GM move to market as it will have to be an Ecotec Turbo as they have or just change the name as if they use a new name with Eco in it this just makes them look late to the party again even if they were first to arrive.

The bad part is if the want to reflect on the engine and how if was first to the market all the cars it was in will be out of production after 2010. Not a good thing to state.

Also put away all the old names like Tubo Jet and etc. Why would you name a engine in a Buick after an old Chevy?

The new name needs to read power and economy into one. They may as well stay with Ecotec Turbo and leave it at that. The name is fine they just need to let someone know what it is and what cars it will be available in.

GM has the hardware they only need to let someone know about it.

I am shocked how often people have no idea this engine is even around. The first reply I get is Chevy has a Turbo? As they look at my boost gauge.

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GM scrambles to match Ford’s ‘EcoBoost’ marketing

04/20/2010, 5:56 PM BY DREW JOHNSON

Ford’s decision to brand its turbocharging technology as ‘EcoBoost’ has proven to be a smart decision, and one that General Motors wishes it had made in 2007. GM developed its own turbocharged and direct-injected engine in 2007 – beating Ford’s EcoBoost to market by two years – but failed to capitalize on the technology’s marketing potential.

Ford’s EcoBoost technology is now widely recognized by consumers as a fuel-efficient engine option, while GM’s greener powerplant remains largely unknown. Moreover, Ford will continue its push of the EcoBoost technology, rolling it out to 90 percent of its lineup by 2013.

Uwe Grebe, executive director of GM’s global advanced engineering, revealed to Automotive News that GM considered branding the engine technology, but never moved forward with the idea. “But we didn’t have a badge and say, ‘This is the most important thing we will put on all our brochures,’ “ he said.

GM is now playing catch-up, with Grebe indicating a similar naming scheme could be in the works for GM’s engine technology. However, GM needs to be careful in its marketing as not to draw a direct comparison to Ford’s technology. “It would not be good to say, ‘This is EcoBoost, only better,’ ” Grebe said.

Although the EcoBoost name is proving to be a valuable marketing tool for Ford, the Blue Oval didn’t hit a homerun on its first naming attempt. Ford originally branded its turbocharging technology as ‘TwinForce’, but decided to ditch the name as it didn’t convey the engine’s fuel saving advantages.



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