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Subaru unveils updated ‘EyeSight’ crash avoidance system


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Subaru unveils updated ‘EyeSight’ crash avoidance system

04/23/2010, 4:56 AM BY MARK KLEIS

As previously seen on Subaru’s Hybrid Tourer Concept in 2008, the automaker has now released an updated version of its crash detection and avoidance system, known as EyeSight. The system is similar in function to Volvo’s pedestrian detection system, scanning the road ahead for potential collision sources and affecting braking and acceleration in the event of an imminent collision.

Subaru has announced an updated version of its crash detection and avoidance system that has production intention for future models, to be called EyeSight.

The system functions by utilizing two small cameras that are mounted in the headliner, pointing out through the windshield and scanning the road ahead. The system can detect pedestrians, cars and other objects, using a system much like human’s stereoscope vision.

The system is capable of determining object speed, and then calculates if an impact is imminent, sounding an alarm within 63 meters when traveling at 60 km/h or faster, while lightly applying brakes. Should the driver not react and the vehicle gets within 18 meters of a collision, the car will apply more stopping power and bring the car to a halt. Subaru says the system will also help in the event of accidental driver-applied unintended acceleration, cutting engine power by 90 percent if the vehicle is approaching an obstacle.

Subaru plans to equip approximately 30 percent of its newly designed Legacy sedans with EyeSight at a cost of approximately $1,070.



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