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Chevrolet: Oh Yeah? Well, We're HUGE In Uzbekistan! UPDATED!!!!

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Chevrolet: Oh Yeah? Well, We're HUGE In Uzbekistan! UPDATED!!!!

By Daniel Pund | June 29, 2010

And here is a queer nugget of information gleaned from a day of big, important financial information out General Motors: Chevrolet is kicking some major ass in Uzbekistan. The brand that may or may not be called Chevy, owns 94 percent of the car market there. Ninety-four percent...Booyah!

UPDATE!!! This just in from GM Europe:For January through May of this year, Chevrolet's 94 percent share of the overall market means it sold 59,485 out of a total market of 63,220 vehicles. If you look at only passenger car sales (and don't include light commercial vehicle sales) for the first five months of the year Chevy nabbed 98.6 percent of the market. So...you know, double-Booyah!

This is according to Tim Lee, GM's president of international operations. How could such a thing possibly be true? Well, it turns out that Uzbekistan, which is one of Central Asia's 'stans (no, not this one or that one), has itself a little thing called GM Uzbekistan, a joint venture between GM Daewoo and UzAvtoSanoat of -- where else? - Uzbekistan.

As you'll have absolutely no reason to recall, back in 1992, shortly after Uzbekistan gained its independence from the Russians, the country's automaker Uzavtoprom, which is also known as UzAvtoSanoat, agreed to a joint venture with South Korea's Daewoo Motor, creating - wait for it - UzDaewooAuto. In 1996, the concern opened a production facility in Asaka, in the country's far Eastern end. Then Daewoo went bankrupt and the Uzbek side took over. In 2008, the current GM Uzbekistan was set up with GM holding 25 percent and the old UzAvutoSanoat owning the remaining 75 percent. The plant currently has an annual production capacity of 250,000 units and it's currently cranking out Chevrolet Matiz, Lacetti (pictured above) and Captiva models for the home market and its neighbors.

Yes, two of the three of those are basically Chevy-badged Daewoos.

So the way we figure it, is if GM simply follows its own example here in the U.S., everything will be as tasty as a big bowl of palov.



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PSA: Chevy owns 94% of Uzbekistan car market for make benefit glorious nation

by Chris Shunk (RSS feed) on Jul 6th 2010 at 8:28AM

General Motors has been the largest automaker in the United States since before many of your parents were born. And The General managed to keep its sales lead in spite of a very public government-assisted bankruptcy and the loss of four brands. But while GM's 20 percent market share remains impressive, it doesn't come close to the success the automaker has achieved in... Uzbekistan?

Inside Line reports that GM currently owns 94 percent of the Uzbekistan market, with 59,000 of the 63,000 vehicles sold so far this year. Impressive, right? Well, if you remove commercial trucking from the equation, GM's share of the market is 98.6 percent; a healthy temperature by any measure. You're probably (not) wondering how The General managed to secure the entire Uzbek market. The answer is simple: GM is part owner of a join venture plant that is capable of producing 250,000 vehicles per year. The facility was a joint venture between UzAvtoSanoat and Daewoo, and since GM controls the Korean automaker, the plant basically makes Daewoos with Bowtie badging. The facility currently produces the Chevrolet Matiz, Lacetti and Captiva (shown above).

So it appears the Uzbekistians (Uzbekistanis?) are a very loyal bunch that go to great lengths to support local jobs. Now the competition knows what to do to break Chevy's dominance; provided anyone can find Uzbekistan on a map.



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